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1. Who are the Tan­naim? a. spe­cial guests who come to visit us on Suc­cot b. the High Priests c. sages of the Mish­nah d. early Zion­ist set­tlers e. me­dieval rab­bis who com­ment on the To­rah

2. Spot the odd one out: a. books in Ke­tu­vim b. bat­mitz­vah age c. Prin­ci­ples of faith d. tribes of Is­rael e. Mi­nor Prophets

3. What is the time span of the book of Ge­n­e­sis, in years? a. 1255 b. 1647 c. 1836 d. 2105 e. 2309

4. What im­por­tant deed is known as pikuach ne­fesh? a. sav­ing a life b. giv­ing to char­ity c. hon­our­ing your par­ents d. look­ing after an­i­mals e. heal­ing the sick

5. Who was the first pres­i­dent of the state of Is­rael? a. Theodor Herzl b. Al­bert Ein­stein c. David Ben Gurion d. Chaim Weiz­mann e. Eliezer ben Ye­hu­dah

6. Sephardi Jews in Spain de­vel­oped a spe­cial lan­guage called: a. Spando b. Ladino c. Ge­ma­tria d. Esperanto e. Franco

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