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1 Un­bri­dled pride based on a fam­ily mem­ber’s achieve­ments (Yid­dish) (6)

5 Com­mon sense, in­tel­li­gence (Yid­dish) (6)

9 A thief, vil­lain (He­brew/Yid­dish) (5) 10 Stage name of Jewish-Amer­i­can singer Ellen Naomi Co­hen (1941-1974) (4,4)

12 ‘Vil­lage’ area of Jerusalem of nar­row wind­ing lanes, old-style hous­ing, hid­den court­yards and many small syn­a­gogues (7)

13 Get off duty, to re­cline in a dream of Paris (7)

14 Fawlty Tow­ers lady ac­com­mo­dated in a cosy bil­let (5)

16 The move­ment within Ju­daism founded by Rabbi Yis­rael Ba’al Shem Tov (1698-1760 CE) (9)

18 Tra­di­tional Day of Jewish Mourn­ing (English) (5,2,2)

21 Dairy or meat ‘neu­tral’ in kashrut (He­brew - vari­ant spell­ing) (5)

22 Good Health! (after some­one sneezes - He­brew) (7)

24 Come round again with a weaker con­coc­tion (7)

26 Keg a crew mis­laid? Sign of mis­for­tune at sea (8)

27 Kind of shirt, blue, brought back and hung out in the olden days (5)

28 Gets around the prob­lem of what the girls might wear? (6)

29 Pedi­gree, fam­ily back­ground (Yid­dish) (6)


2 A Manas­site who fought at David’s side in the pur­suit of the Amalekites (1 Chron. 12:21) (5) 3 Re­li­gious cer­e­mony which marks the sym­bolic end of shab­bat (He­brew) (9)

4 Half-a-sec­ond is enough for Jews and Arabs (7)

5 A woman sup­port­ing son in an­cient re­gion of Is­rael (7)

6 Hun­dred blood-suck­ers climb­ing over Mr Rhodes? (5) 7 Lon­don res­i­dent dis­turbed deer, car­ry­ing a gun (9)

8 Ear­lier at home, hav­ing re­turned alone painfully (11)

11 Lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties in The West Bank mak­ing pay­ments? (11)

15 Bib­li­cal city 8 km east of Jaffa (Josh. 19:45) (4,5)

17 Like some Jews, tough in open­ing of screen block­buster (9)

19 Gross pets who re­ceive ex­ces­sive re­wards (3,4)

20 Sort of show for those who like the spice of life? (7)

23 Bring in no in­ter­est, but have no debts (5)

25 ‘It is our duty ..... ’ (He­brew - cen­tral prayer) (5) HOW TO PLAY: Use the let­ter tiles from the game of Scrab­ble to spell out the an­swers to the clues be­low. Do not use the two blank tiles. Place the tiles on the Scrab­ble board ac­cord­ing to the grid ref­er­ences given with the clues. If you suc­cess­fully com­plete the puz­zle, you will have used all 98 tiles.


1F Can’t find a so­lu­tion for this. (5) 1H It’s no jaunt for the Coun­cil. (5) 2K Sounds like a drink to the de­ceased. (4)

2N Be­ing clever, I am in a group. (6) 3B Very anx­ious about the fare. (4) 5E Out­dated friend. (9)

5I Light New York ev­ery evening. (7)

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