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Schools are back and so is our weekly quiz

Hashanah e. The tra­di­tion of eat­ing new fruit on the sec­ond night of the fes­ti­val

This year, when Rosh Hashanah falls on Mon­day and Tues­day, how many days of chag and Shab­bat will there be in Tishri in the UK? a. six b. eight c. nine d. 11 e. 15

Which of the fol­low­ing tra­di­tional Rosh Hashanah foods were not men­tioned in the Tal­mud: a. leeks b. ap­ples c. beet­root d. dates e. gourds

Rosh Hashanah lasts for two days a. be­cause that’s what it says in To­rah b. be­cause of un­cer­tainty over when the new month started in rab­binic times c. be­cause it is cal­cu­lated with ref­er­ence to Yom Kip­pur d. be­cause it is called yamah arichta, “one long day” e. be­cause they needed two days for the spe­cial Tem­ple sac­ri­fices

Which of the fol­low­ing is best for use as a sho­far? a. a curved sheep’s horn b. a curved kudu’s horn c. a curved cow’s horn d. a curved ram’s horn e. a straight ram’s horn

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