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I couldn’t agree more with Daniel Finkelstein (Chil­dren must not be shielded from real

life, JC Novem­ber 2) that the birthright of ev­ery British cit­i­zen (in­clud­ing Charedim) is civic equal­ity and equal­ity un­der the law.

No child should be de­nied the right to have ac­cess to mod­ern think­ing, in­clud­ing that on evo­lu­tion and sex­u­al­ity.

If we be­lieve that Mus­lims should in­te­grate, then so must we. And if we are un­able to in­te­grate moder­nity into our faith then we will not sur­vive as a peo­ple. The days of liv­ing in a her­met­i­cally sealed shtetl where iso­la­tion was the guar­an­tor of con­ti­nu­ity are over — thank good­ness. Stan Labovitch


Lord Finkelstein refers to some Ortho­dox Jews be­ing con­cerned about the teach­ing of Dar­win’s the­ory of evo­lu­tion along­side what is com­monly de­scribed as Creation­ism. He says one must make a choice. My choices are that, if one is teach­ing sci­ence or reli­gion, all ex­pla­na­tions should be put for­ward. Al­ter­na­tive views should in­vari­ably be put for­ward oth­er­wise the child will end up with an un­bal­anced or de­fec­tive un­der­stand­ing of the sub­ject. The so­lu­tion is for the par­ents to opt out of their chil­dren be­ing taught sci­ence or reli­gion but to choose other sub­jects.

Sim­i­larly the ex­is­tence of ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity and trans is­sues should be recog­nised with­out it be­ing en­dorsed or ap­proved of. Laurence Kings­ley

Sur­biton, Sur­rey

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