Donna L. Emerson

For Mary, Sotto Voce

The London Magazine - - NEWS - Donna L. Emerson

Mary Cas­satt painted moth­ers as mon­u­ments, well nour­ished, flour­ish­ing with their ba­bies, with them­selves, at the bath, in the nurs­ery, kitchen, at the opera, on the lawns.

They wore white, car­ried fans or para­sols, the more white the bet­ter, white touched with blue paint to make the white whiter.

Mary lets us come very close to her women’s worlds. We want to touch arms, red-blond hair, take the baby onto our laps, take tea. We want to watch the opera next to her and say, thank you, Mary, you know and show the world full women.

You said you wanted to be some­one, not some­thing. Even more than your­self, you gave us back to our­selves as well.

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