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In­escapable evil has be­come a fa­mil­iar hor­ror-film trope in re­cent years, of­ten pro­duc­ing gen­uinely scary movies such as The Ring, Fi­nal Desti­na­tion and It Fol­lows. But some­times it pro­duces medi­ocre films like Truth Or Dare (15) ★★ – de­spite it be­ing co-pro­duced by genre ace Ja­son Blum.

A group of glossy/buffed high-school stu­dents head to Mex­ico for the spring break, get drunk on tequila and end up in a spooky chapel play­ing truth or dare with a stranger they’ve just met. It’s not the best idea they’ve had, but worse awaits when they get back home – be­cause the game has come with them. Ev­ery now and then, a pass­ing face con­torts into that sin­is­ter, smi­ley look so beloved of hor­ror films, a gut­tural voice growls ‘Truth or dare?’ and we’re off. No one stands out in a film that ruf­fles re­mark­ably few feath­ers.

You, Me And Him (15) ★★★ is a like­able but in­con­sis­tent Bri­tish rom­com with a twist – the will-they-won’t-they cou­ple are les­bian. Olivia (Lucy Punch) is brisk, broody and push­ing 40, while her girl­friend, Alex (Faye Marsay), is messy, free-spir­ited and likes her in­tox­i­cants. As for the ‘him’, that’ll be John (David Ten­nant), who gets Alex preg­nant af­ter a drunken one-night stand. Which is awk­ward, as Olivia has just con­ceived her­self us­ing a sperm donor. The fe­male per­for­mances are lovely but ev­ery time the film gains a lit­tle comic mo­men­tum, it’s frit­tered away cour­tesy of some ill-ad­vised and oc­ca­sion­ally toe-curl­ing slap­stick.

Set in a preapoc­a­lyp­tic 2048, The Titan (15) ★★★ posits the fa­mil­iar idea of an over­pop­u­lated Earth run­ning out of re­sources, but then comes up with a rather more orig­i­nal sci-fi so­lu­tion. In­stead of head­ing to the stars and ‘terra-form­ing’ plan­ets for hu­man oc­cu­pa­tion, why not mod­ify hu­mans so that they can oc­cupy hos­tile habi­tats such as that of­fered by Saturn’s giant moon, Titan?

With Sam Wor­thing­ton lead­ing a rather un­con­vinc­ing cast, the first half gen­uinely in­trigues but the Earth­bound story fal­ters as things, er, evolve.

Sam Wor­thing­ton in The Titan

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