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BBDGBPF O U R T EUITADIF L A G R AL YTHIBEOD I S T I NNOOOVMak­ing mock at­tack or move­ment to dis­tract an ad­ver­sary (8)

US state which has Topeka as its cap­i­tal (6)

U G A N D ANRGINUM A R O O NC LMCOBAKJ A C KSOZTOAOJG E M I N IA UDCXDEMap­ple, rolled up Fe­male and baked (7) char­ac­ter in Mag­i­cal The Mer­chant wish granter (5) of Venice (6) Ger­man

Depart­ing, em­peror (6) but in a so­cia­ble City in the sort of way (8) US state of North

Brother of Cain Carolina (10) and Abel (4) Cir­cu­lar tent

Per­son who used by Mon­go­lian Le­gal author­ity ru­ins the plea­sure or Turk­ish to act for an­other of other peo­ple by no­mads (4) per­son in cer­tain his or her ac­tions or at­ti­tudes (10)

In Greek mythol­ogy, ei­ther Stheno, Euryale or Me­dusa (6)

Fred­die, who gained fame on and (5)

Paul, who gained fame on and (7)

Thin sheet of dough, filled with mat­ters (5,2,8)

Les, who gained fame on and (6) Mu­si­cian who per­forms unac­com­pa­nied (7) 4 Strong, sturdy (8) 5 Hav­ing the qual­i­ties to suc­ceed as a per­son who sets up busi­nesses (15)

(and Bri­tish TV tal­ent show, pop­u­lar in the 1960s and 1970s (11,6)

The pre­sen­ter of and (6,5)

Per­sonal qual­ity or tal­ent (4,4) 17 Fits, is part of (7) 19 See

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