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Con­sult widely, en­gage all voices and seek out dis­sent­ing opin­ion. Del­e­gate and al­low every­one to con­trib­ute. Spend time get­ting to know the land­scape be­fore set­ting the agenda or mak­ing ma­jor changes.

No­tice what’s work­ing well – don’t fo­cus only on ‘change’ and ‘so­lu­tions’.

Keep lis­ten­ing and learn­ing, and be will­ing to ‘un­learn’ if old meth­ods no longer work.

Be aware of your in­ner voice. Make sure it’s the voice of a friend, shoring you up and sup­port­ing you.

Voice self-doubts to a neu­tral party: an ex­ec­u­tive coach or a men­tor, some­one who can cheer­lead and sup­port with­out agenda.


Sur­round your­self with ‘yes’ peo­ple or a tight in­ner cir­cle.

Be se­cre­tive and in­ac­ces­si­ble. To align a team around a com­mon vi­sion, they need to be fully in­volved and un­der­stand the agenda.

Think you need to know it all. As CEO you won’t need to know and do ev­ery­thing; you need a team who can.

Con­fuse con­fi­dence with bom­bast. Some great lead­ers are in­tro­verts, oth­ers are ex­tro­verts. What mat­ters is that they are au­then­tic.

Be afraid to ad­mit mis­takes or say, ‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out.’

Al­low all your cop­ing mech­a­nisms and sys­tems to fall away. If you can no longer man­age an hour in the gym, can you switch to short bursts of in­ter­val train­ing, for ex­am­ple? A per­sonal trainer who comes to your door or a nu­tri­tion­ist who en­sures your meal is pre­pared when you get home? In­vest your higher in­come in some self-care to keep you grounded and able to per­form at your best.

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