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You can al­most see your mother wag­ging her fin­ger. It makes mar­riage seem like a hard slog rather than a plea­sure. How­ever, if you throw this cliché away, you could end up be­liev­ing the op­po­site: ‘love con­quers all’, which can lead to your tak­ing each other for granted and ex­pect­ing your re­la­tion­ship to flour­ish on lit­tle more than swap­ping lists of in­struc­tions as you pass in the hall­way. ANY TRUTH? The mes­sage is fine, it’s the lan­guage that’s off. Rather than ‘work­ing’ at your re­la­tion­ship, try to de­velop good habits, such as eat­ing to­gether with phones switched off, go­ing to bed at the same time and book­ing reg­u­lar week­ends away. The great thing about good habits is they don’t re­quire work; once es­tab­lished they hap­pen nat­u­rally. TRUTH RAT­ING 75%

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