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IM­MUNE-SYS­TEM BOOST­ERS Phar­ma­cist Shabir Daya sug­gests sup­ple­ments to ward off colds and flu.

1 Health In­surance Plus Tablets by Lam­berts Health­care, £16.70 for 125 small tablets; dose two daily for adults and chil­dren aged 16 and up­wards. Pro­vides es­sen­tial mi­cronu­tri­ents in­clud­ing mag­ne­sium, high po­tency B vi­ta­mins and three times the RDA of vi­ta­min C.

2 U-Cubes Chil­dren’s Mul­tivi­ta­min and Min­eral Gum­mies by Sol­gar Vi­ta­mins, £12.99 for 60 gum­mies; dose two to four daily de­pend­ing on age. Based on tapi­oca and pectin, they are free of dairy, yeast, ar­ti­fi­cial flavours and preser­va­tives.

3 For Daily Im­mu­nity by Optibac Pro­bi­otics, £11.29 for 30 cap­sules; dose one daily for adults and chil­dren aged four and up­wards. With sev­eral types of ‘good’ gut bac­te­ria, plus vi­ta­min C and nat­u­ral plant ex­tracts. All from vic­to­ri­a­health.com

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