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ASDYGTAc­knowl­edg­ing Love, wor­ship, Ex­pels a ten­ant (9) The process of think the world of from a prop­erty (6) Mis­chievous grad­ual change (5)

Large, ar­bo­real, sprites (4) over many 19th-cen­tury non-ven­omous, Gar­den tool (6) gen­er­a­tions (9) Bri­tish nat­u­ral­ist semi­aquatic Male chicken Owned items (7,6) snake (8) fat­tened for con­vert­ible (and

Venue; BBC arts eat­ing (5) into cash (6) 1859 book by pro­gramme (5) Po­si­tion of Ger­man state in which he

Per­son who fame, su­pe­ri­or­ity with Mu­nich as pro­vided ev­i­dence works to gain or dis­tinc­tion (8) its cap­i­tal (7) for his the­ory of ex­pe­ri­ence (6) Used in non­stick Ro­man Em­peror (2,3,6,2,7)

Ger­many’s saucepans (6) from 37-41AD (8) Is­lands vis­ited by largest ur­ban in the course ag­glom­er­a­tion (4) of his re­search (9)

State of lazi­ness, Laugh­ing in a tired­ness or lack loud, un­pleas­ant of in­ter­est (9) way (8)

The is­land on See which Napoleon At­tribute, Bon­a­parte was as­cribe, as­sign (6) born (7) Ja­cob or his

On a golf brother Wil­helm – course, the long philol­o­gists both (5) strip of short grass be­tween each tee and green (7)

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