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says, ‘I used to suf­fer from ter­ri­ble in­som­nia, to the point where I’d get a glimpse of what it must be like to have a men­tal ill­ness – a dis­con­nected mind. Mag­ne­sium did the trick. I take two tablets at night and wake up at 8.30am, thrilled by a good night’s sleep.’ suf­fered with in­som­nia for more than 40 years. A few years ago she dis­cov­ered acupunc­ture. ‘I have a very ac­tive brain and a ten­dency to worry, and that – cou­pled with my 24-hour hec­tic life­style, which makes it harder for most peo­ple to sleep – re­sulted in it be­ing near im­pos­si­ble for me.’ She had acupunc­ture in June 2013 and ‘af­ter­wards, I was im­me­di­ately sleep­ing six or seven hours a night. I had less joint pain, my skin looked great and I was so much brighter and full of en­ergy.’ pulled out of the Lon­don play Linda in 2015, de­scrib­ing her sleep­less­ness as ‘a go­rilla sit­ting on my chest’. She said, ‘I didn’t un­der­stand the de­bil­i­tat­ing con­se­quence of hav­ing no sleep. It be­comes a tsunami. I was in a void. Let­ting go was the hard­est part but it was work or my san­ity.’ gets about four hours’ sleep a night. ‘I wish I could find a cure for in­som­nia, as I suf­fer from it chron­i­cally. I’ve tried ev­ery­thing from sleep­ing pills to camomile tea to al­co­hol, and noth­ing has worked. My mind races all the time. The one thing that helps me is keep­ing a notepad next to my bed to jot down thoughts – I know it’s not ter­ri­bly sexy, but it’s use­ful.’ re­port­edly can­celled a se­ries of tour dates in 2016 due to in­som­nia. An in­sider said, ‘El­lie’s body clock is out of sync and she has found her­self ly­ing awake in bed most nights un­able to get to sleep. All the trav­el­ling through ran­dom time zones has messed with her sys­tem. She just can’t get to sleep at night, and even when she’s back in Eng­land the in­som­nia is sap­ping her en­ergy.’ re­vealed two years ago that ‘sleep is a tough one for me’. She then de­scribed her brain as ‘the com­mit­tee in my head’ and said, ‘if I wake up at three in the morn­ing I just start hav­ing con­ver­sa­tions and they won’t shut up and then I can’t get back to sleep. I do have three an­i­mals and a hu­man be­ing in the bed, so there are all these dis­trac­tions. I got an app on my phone that al­lows you to track your sleep rhythms. I don’t ever get into the deep, deep, deep sleep.’ be­lieves that her in­som­nia prob­a­bly started ‘when my mother died. And sleep’s never been an easy thing for me. If I can get six hours, I can get through the day. In the record­ing stu­dio, I never fin­ish be­fore 2am, and then I have to get up at 7am for my kids. So there’s a lot of sleep de­pri­va­tion.’

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