For guar­an­teed happy bun­nies, a hand-crafted Easter ex­trav­a­ganza with a lit­tle help from Hob­by­craft

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EASTER BUNNY CAKE, visit blog.hob­by­ for in­struc­tions

on how to make. PAINTED MACHE EGGS, from £2 for 30, and WOODEN CUT­LERY, £4.50 for 18 pieces, all Hob­by­craft, hob­by­ CAKE STAND, £29.99, Rice, TABLE­CLOTH, £95, The Linen Works, the­li­nen­ PLATES, from £8 each, Cath Kid­ston, cathkid­

LEFT AND ABOVE: FO­LIAGE GAR­LANDS (cre­ated from coloured A4 pa­per), from £2.50 for 50 sheets; EASTER COOK­IES, and CE­RAMIC EGGS (painted and made into a uni­corn and rab­bit), £3 for set of three, visit blog.hob­by­ for in­struc­tions on how to make. EGG CAR­TONS, £1.20 for ten, and FACE PAINT, from £3.20 per colour, all Hob­by­craft, hob­by­ RAB­BIT VASE (far left), £14, Cath Kid­ston, cathkid­ GREEN CAKE STAND, £29.99, Rice, EGG CUPS, £3 each, John Lewis, john­ GOLD RAB­BIT, £39, Car­a­van Style, car­a­ FLOWER POTS (at end of ta­ble), from £4.96 each, Home­base, home­ PLANTS (in pots), from a se­lec­tion, Wye­vale, wye­vale­gar­den­cen­ PARTY HATS and VASE, stylist’s own NAP­KIN RING and IC­ING ‘BEE’, visit blog.hob­by­ for in­struc­tions on how to make. WHITE CHICK, £1; MINI EGGS, £2 for 30, and WOODEN CUT­LERY, as be­fore, all Hob­by­craft, hob­by­ LINEN NAP­KIN, £8.50, The Linen Works, the­li­nen­ DIN­NER PLATE, £9, Cath Kid­ston, cathkid­ SIDE PLATE, stylist’s own

TREES, GRASS, PAW PRINTS and ORIGAMI RAB­BITS (cre­ated from coloured A3 card), £5 for 25 sheets, visit blog. hob­by­ for in­struc­tions on how to make. EASTER EGG GAR­LANDS, from £2

each; PAINTED ‘EGG HUNT’ SIGNPOST, £2 for three as­sorted signs; PAINTED MACHE EGGS (on floor), from £2 for 30 small eggs; CHICK and RAB­BIT BAS­KETS, £2 each; FAUX GRASS RAB­BITS, from £3 each; FLO­RAL HEAD­BAND,

£3; RAB­BIT EYE MASK, £1, all Hob­by­craft, hob­by­ FLOWER POT, £4.96, Home­base, home­ PLANT, from a se­lec­tion, Wye­vale, wye­vale­gar­den cen­ LARGE and SMALL FOILED CHOCO­LATE EGGS, stylist’s own. Wall: PAINT, from £25.20 for 2.5 litres, from a se­lec­tion at Valspar,

ABOVE, on tree: MAR­BLED CE­RAMIC EGGS, £3 for three un­painted, visit blog.hob­by­ for in­struc­tions on how to dec­o­rate. SIL­VER METAL­LIC EGGS, £3 for as­sorted set of six; HANG­ING EGG DEC­O­RA­TIONS, £1 each; WOODEN BUT­TER­FLIES and WOODEN EGGS, £1.50 for ten; HANG­ING FILLABLE EGGSHELLS, £1 each. On ta­ble: PAINTED MEDIUM EGGS, from £4 for a set of four; DEC­O­RA­TIVE MINI EGGS, £2 for 30; PA­PER CUPS, 70p for eight; STRAWS, from £1.50 for ten, and TREE, £25, all Hob­by­craft, hob­by­ GOLD RAB­BIT, as be­fore. TA­BLE, £90, and STOOLS, £50 each, all Nu­bie, nu­ RUG, £105, Great Lit­tle Trad­ing Com­pany, KIT­TEN POSTER, £78, Sis­ters Guild, sis­ters­ Wall: CALAMINE ES­TATE EMUL­SION, £45 for 2.5 litres, Far­row & Ball, far­ LEFT: EGG FOAM STICK­ERS, £4 for 42g; MEDIUM GLIT­TER DEC­O­RA­TIVE EGGS,

£3 for six; WOODEN BUT­TER­FLY, CHICK and RAB­BIT, £1.50 for ten; MINI DEC­O­RA­TIVE EGGS, £2 for 30; RAB­BIT BAS­KET, as be­fore; PINK CARD, £3 for 20 A4 sheets, all Hob­by­craft, hob­by­ FOILED CHOCO­LATE EGGS, stylist’s own ➤

GAR­LANDS (cre­ated from coloured A4 pa­per), from £1.80 for 20 sheets; EASTER BON­NETS (from £1 for four flower em­bel­lish­ments) and CUP­CAKES, visit blog.hob­by­ for in­struc­tions on how to make, all Hob­by­craft, hob­by­ CHAIR, around £75; SIDE TA­BLE, around £57, and SOFA, around £142, all Bon­ton, bon­ On sofa: CUSH­IONS, £29 each, both Meri Meri, mer­ TOADSTOOLS, £85 each, Anne-Claire Petit, an­ THROW (un­der chair), £48, Na­tional The­atre Book­shop,­tion­althe­ ALL OTHER THROWS, from £200 each; FOX and TREES CUSH­IONS, £35 each, all Donna Wil­son, don­naw­il­ WA­TER­COLOUR STRIPES CUSH­ION, £58, An­thro­polo­gie, an­thro­polo­ TEA SET, £24, JoJo Ma­man Bébé, jo­jo­ma­man­ SMALL TEDDY, £19.90, Steiff, steiffted­dy­ BIKE, £160, Hal­fords, hal­ LARGE TEDDY, stylist’s own

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