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OCS C R A PTRO I R O TFOHF A I R A TAGL O B B E ROS T Y L E SECAR I O U SBTII T T L E DASR(4) City that Con­tin­u­ous or De­ter some­one be­came the flow­ing (8) through Con­fed­er­ate Bear-like (6) per­sua­sion from cap­i­tal in the Use­less­ness, a course of Amer­i­can Civil in­com­pe­tence (12) ac­tion (8) War (8) Stops, ends (6) Kind of sweet

Ed­u­cated, Ei­ther of the you don’t swal­low trained (6) two con­tigu­ous (7,3) The first day of egg-shaped Farewells (8)

(3,9) masses of grey In the Chris­tian (and mat­ter at the base church, most of A few days be­fore of the brain (8) De­cem­ber (6)

(6,8) Trudged, tramped (8)

Aus­trian com­poser (sur­name); South African word for moun­tain; in short, what caused the Ti­tanic to sink (4)

Species of wheat (5)

Pe­riod of 40 days be­fore Large are­nas (6) Group of peo­ple who de­cide on the guilt or in­no­cence of some­one on trial (4)

De­scrip­tive of the day be­fore (6)

This day falls a week be­fore

(4,6) See Some­thing that re­ally doesn’t mat­ter (8) Chris­tian fes­ti­val (6) Sur­plus, glut (6) Greet, hail (6) What many Chris­tians do dur­ing (4)

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