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United Auc­tions (Wed­nes­day 29th July 2015) sold 919 store cat­tle and young bulls 172 cast cows and for­ward cat­tle Bul­locks (434) - av­er­aged 225.49p to 295.70p per kg for a 257kg LimX from Muir­park and £1320 for a 756kg SHX from Shaw­head. B & W Bul­locks (191) – av­er­aged 167.25p to 186.80p per kg for a 348kg HFX from Hil­ton of Cardross and £1020 for a 664kg BFX from Ar­dyne. Heifers (223) – av­er­aged 226.49p to 291.70p per kg for a 192kg LimX from Pri­or­letham and £1370 for a 582kg LimX from Cly­de­side. Young Bulls (27) – av­er­aged 204.36p to 246.80p for a CHX from Graystale and £1280 for a LimX from Stralochy. Cast Cows ( 156)– av­er­aged 115.68p to 167.90p per kg for a LimX from Tod­hall and £1370 for a LimX from Tod­hall. For­ward Cat­tle (16) – av­er­aged 170.35p to 208.50p per kg for a LimX from Carslae and £1390 for a AAX from Fid­dle­hall. Bul­locks: Up to 250kgs- Pri­or­letham £640, 272.30p 251300kgs- Polquhairn £820, Muir­park 295.70p 301-350kgs- Polquhairn £940, 268.60p 351400kgs- Easter­ton £1060, Polquhairn 268.40p 401- 450kgs- Craigdhu £1090, 262.90p 451500kgs- Ash­field £1170, 251.10p 501-550kgs- Oak­ers­dyke £1240, 234.80p 551- 600kgs- Oak­ers­dyke £1260, 221.10p 601650kgs – Shaw­head £1270, 206.80p 651700kgs- Shaw­head £1320, 201.20p 700kgs + - Ar­dyne £1150, 151.30p. Heifers: Up to 250kgs- Pri­or­letham £640, 291.70p 251-300kgs- Muir­park £700, 263.20p 301-350kgPolquhairn £860, Auch­lin 264.90p 351- 400kgsBrown­hill £930, 250.70p 401- 450kgs- Ash­field £1070, Hil­ton of Cardross 257.40p 451-500kgsOak­ers­dyke £1210, 248.00p 501-550kgsC­ly­de­side £1280, 247.60p 551- 600kgs- Cly­de­side £1370, 235.40p; 601650kgs- Cly­de­side £1290, 212.90p. Young Bulls: 301-350kgsEast Merk­land £810, 234.10p; 351- 400kgsDarn­bogue £970, 246.80p; 401- 450kgsEast Merk­land £980, 226.90p; 451-500kgs – Stralochy £980, 196.80p; 501-550kgs – Stralochy £1180, 216.10p; 551600kgs- FIn­gask £1150, 192.30p; 601- 650kgs - Stralochy £1280, 204.50p. OTM Cows: Tod­hall (Lim) £1370, 167.90p, Graystale (Sim) £1270, Trow­dale 139.10p; Tod­hall (AA) £1070, Lyle­ston 140.50p; Dru­malea (HO) £1070, Meikle Camo­quill 97.90p; Carslae (SD) £1030, 145.10p; Boghall (CH) £985, 124.36p; Nor­rieston (HF) £975, Wester­hall 109.40p; Traprain (BA) £915, 138.00p. OTM Bulls: Bonerbo (CH) £1470, 169.10p; Glen­damph (Lim) £1250, 125.50p; Town­head (Sim) £1150, 136.90p; Courthill (STX) £985, 111.20p; Graystale (AA) £955, 122.80p.


Cale­do­nian Marts Ltd ( Thurs­day 30thJuly 2015) sold 227 cat­tle com­pris­ing 138 Prime Bul­locks, Heifers and Young Bulls, 89 Cast Cows and Bulls and 5 Calves. Bul­locks sold to a top of 238p per kg (twice) for Li­mousins from W Pet­ti­grew, Fask­ine, Air­drie and T H Gray, Balquhar­rage, Len­nox­town be­ing pur­chased by D Camp­bell & Son, Butch­ers, Cal­lan­der and D Com­rie& Son, Butch­ers, Com­rie re­spec­tively and to £1666.32 gross for a 786kg Sim­men­tal from R Colquhoun, Bar­rochan Cross, Hous­ton. Heifers sold to 250p per kg (twice) for Li­mousins from W Pet­ti­grew, Fask­ine and M Jack, Car­ris­ton, Mark­inch pur­chased by D Camp­bell & Son, Cal­lan­der and J Hastie, Butcher, Mark­inch and to £1545 for a 618kg Li­mousin from Car­ris­ton. Bulls sold to 218p per kg for a Li­mousin from Croy Cun­ning­ham Farms, Kil­learn to N Bark, Biggar and to £1503 for a Blonde Aquitaine from Craigkelly Farm Ltd, North Glass­mount, Kirk­caldy. Lead­ing Prices Heifers, 248p Mains of Cult­malundie; 244p Class­lochie; 242p Easter Buchly vie& Car­ris­ton; 238p Tod­hall; 236p Brock­woodlees; 235p Mains of Cult­malundie; 234p Craigend (Methven) &Class­lochie: Bul­locks, 236p Balquhar­rage; 234p Bruck­ley; 233p Mains of Cult­malundie; 232p Brock­woodlees&Seg­gars­dean; 232p Tod­hall; 230p Mains of Cult­malundie; 229p Balquhar­rage: Young Bulls 216p & 213p Croy Cun­ning­ham Farms; 214p & 210p Car­ris­ton; 207p Gart­ness&Car­ris­ton; 202p Beild: Beef Cows sold to 153p per kg for a Li­mousin from J&D Mitchell, Of­fers, Gar­gun­nock and to £1020 gross (twice) for a Here­ford from A J Mil­lar & Co, Bonnington, North Ber­wick and Craigkelly Farm Ltd, Kirk­caldy. Cast Bulls sold to £1270 from J W Mur­ray & Son, Wester Bal­beg­gie, Kirk­caldy: Lead­ing prices: Beef Cows: 144p Craigkelly; 141p Kep­dar­roch; 139p Sheilds (Lochwin­noch); 138p Class­Lochie&Sheilds; 134p Of­fers; 130p High Bell­trees: Dairy Cows: 108p Ross­bank (Colquhoun); 106p High Bell­trees; 105p & 104p Bar­beth.

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