Cale­do­nian Marts cat­tle sale at Stir­ling

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CALE­DO­NIAN Marts Ltd sold 246 cat­tle - com­pris­ing 136 prime bul­locks and heifers, seven bulls, ten OTM cat­tle and 100 cast cows as well as 55 calves and stirks - on Thurs­day Jan­uary 7 at the firm’s Stir­ling mart. In the cow sec­tion a very good show for qual­ity would be dearer to that of the pre­vi­ous sale. Prime bul­locks sold to 240p per kg for a Li­mousin from David Dick­in­son, Brock­woodlees, Canon­bie, sell­ing to R John­son, butcher, Falkirk and to £1,565.20 gross from J and N Kerr, Bankhead, Aber­dour. Prime heifers sold to 248p per kg for a Li­mousin from Roddy Kennedy, Bor­lick, Aber­feldy to T Con­nors, butcher, Troon and and sold to £1,446.40 from David Dick­in­son, Brock­woodlees, Canon­bie. Young bulls sold to 194p per kg for a Li­mousin from Dalchirla Farms Ltd, Muthill to Charles Kirk­patrick and to £1,412.30 from Robert McNee, Wood­end, Ar­madale.

Lead­ing prices


238p, 235p Learielaw; 235p (twice) Brock­woodlees; 228p Sheilds& Bankhead (Kerr); 224p Tod­hall; 222p Spit­tal (Gard­ner); 220p Fask­ine; 218p (twice) Seg­gars­dean


242p Bor­lick; 232p Dalchirla and Ramornie; 230p Brock­woodlees and Dalchirla; 226p Brock­woodlees; 224p Shields Craigend (McCord) Brock­woodlees and Learielaw; 222p Ramornie and Seg­gars­dean; 220p Easter­ton (Owen), Mead­owend and Bankhead.

Young bulls

190p Easter Buchanty. OTM cat­tle sold to 190p per kg for a Li­mousin from Croy Cun­ning­ham Farms, Gart­ness, Kil­learn and to £1,362.90 from JH and NT Turn­bull, Mead­owend Farm, Clack­man­nan.

OTM lead­ing prices

185p Craigend (McCord) and Mead­owend. Beef cows sold to 158p per kg for a Li­mousin from JH and NT Turn­bull, Mead­owend and £1,320 gross from Kerr, Bankhead, Aber­dour.

Lead­ing Prices

£1,290 and £1,210 Mead­owend £1,180 and £1,140 Bankhead £1,100 Over Inzievar £1,070 and £1,060 West­wood Lane and Dyke £1,050 Croy Cun­ning­ham Farms.

Prices per kg

150p and 146p Bankhead and Gart­ness; 145p Mead­owend; 141p Mead­owend and Dyke; (Macgre­gor); 138p Mains of Burn­bank; 136p Over Inzievar; 134p Dyke. Dairy cows sold to 110p per kg for a Friesian from Iain Wain­wright, Tod­hall, Cu­par and to £860 gross from the same farm. 55 calves and stirks were slightly harder to sell com­pared with the pre­vi­ous sale, and sold to an av­er­age of £74.40 and sold to £355 for an Aberdeen An­gus heifer from Drew Hamil­ton, Mid For­rest, Cum­ber­nauld.

Other lead­ing prices

BB bull calves - £200, £180, £160 £150 Claish Friesian calves - £180 Mid For­rest; £120 West Drum­lem­ble (3); £110 Wester Bal­beg­gie; £98 West Drum­lem­ble (4).

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