Prime cat­tle sold at Cally Marts, Stir­ling

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AT STIR­LING, Cale­do­nian Marts Ltd sold 165 Cat­tle on Thurs­day June 30, com­pris­ing 97 prime bul­locks and heifers, eight young bulls, four OTM Cat­tle and 56 Cast Cows and bulls.

Bul­locks sold to 232p/kg for a Li­mousin from T H Gray, Balquhar­rage, Len­nox­town pur­chased by T Con­nor butch­ers, Troon and to £1,570 for a Li­mousin from D Dickinson, Brock­woodlees, Canon­bie pur­chased by W W Wales, Kil­marnock.

Heifers sold to 235p/kg for a Bri­tish blue from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw, Brox­burn pur­chased by G Kirk & Son, 30 Stir­ling Road, Denny and to £1,513 for a Li­mousin from A S Hay, Mains of Cult­malundie, Tib­ber­more pur­chased by J Hastie, Mark­inch.

Other lead­ing prices

Bul­lock p/ kg: 228p Tod­hall and Fask­ine; 225p Learielaw, Balquhar­rage and Mead­owend; 222p Learielaw and Mil­learne; 220p Brock­woodlees, West­wood­lane and Mil­learne; 218p Mead­owend, Tod­hall and Mil­learne; 215p Bankhead, Mil­learne, Bog­leys, Brock­woodlees and Learielaw.

Bul­lock/ head: £1,517 and £1,492 Black­dub; £1,483 and £1,480 Learielaw; £1,470 Black­dub; £1,465 and £1,461 Brock­woodlees; £1,452 Mains of Cult­malundie; £1,439 Mead­owend; £1,436 Bankhead; £1,427 Learielaw; £1,426 Mead­owend; £1,421 Rathil­let £1,415 Brock­woodlees; £1,404 and £1403 Tod­hall; £1,401 Rathil­let.

Heifer p/kg: 232p Mains of Cult­malundie; 230p Brock­woodlees and Mains of Cult­malundie; 228p Bog­leys and Fask­ine; 222p and 220p Mead­owend; 220p Brock­woodlees; 218p Balquhar­rage.

Heifer/ head: £1,481 Mains of Cult­malundie; £1,426 Brock­woodlees; £1,317 Green­craig; £1,302 Brock­woodlees; £1,295 Green­craig; £1,288 Mead­owend; £1,259 Learielaw; £1,252 Mead­owend.

Young bulls sold to 212p for a Li­mousin from A MacGre­gor, Al­lan­fauld, Kil­syth and to £1,629 for a Charo­lias from W Brown, Caprick­hill, Kil­marnock.

Other lead­ing prices

Young bull p/kg: 205p Up­per Spit­tal­ton

Young bull/ head: £1,339 Al­lan­fauld; £1,336 Up­per Spit­tal­ton; £1,050 Harvieston.

Beef cows sold to 156p/kg for an Aberdeen An­gus from JF & MB Teague, Tem­ple House, Balerno and to £1,180 for a Bri­tish Blue from the same home.

Dairy cows sold to 111p/ kg for an Ayr­shire from P Wil­son, Carskedo, Cu­par and to £900 for the same beast.

Other lead­ing prices

Beef cow p/kg: 155p Tem­ple House; 153p and 152p Dol­lar­bank; 148p Tem­ple House; 147p West­wood­lane; 139p Bog­leys; 136p West Mains; 133p Muir­cot and Gryff wraes Farm­ers; 132p Bog­leys.

Beef cow/head: £1,160 Tem­ple House; £1,040 Bog­leys; £1,030 West Mains; £1,110 Dol­lar­bank; £990 West­wood­lane; £980 Rathil­let; £970 Tem­ple House; £940 Muir­cot; £920 Dol­lar­bank.

Dairy cow p/kg: 107p, 106p and 103p How­fold; 102p Muir­cot; 98p How­fold; 96p Machribeg.

Dairy cow/head: £730 Muir­cot; £720, £660 and £620 How­field; £550 Meikle Fin­nery; £540 Carskedo. Cast bulls sold to 142p/kg for a Li­mousin from A MacGre­gor, Al­lan­fauld, Kil­syth, and to £1,430 for the same beast.

Other lead­ing prices

Bull p/kg: 113p Up­per White­ston Bull/ head: £1,120 Brack­en­hirst; £1,080 Mawmill

Prime bul­locks av­er­age -210p Prime heifers av­er­age - 203p OTM cat­tle av­er­age - 142p Beef cows av­er­age - 124p Dairy cows av­er­age - 88p Young bulls av­er­age -175p Cast bulls av­er­age - 125p

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