Faith will bring an end to our con­fu­sion

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Sir, At this time of con­tin­u­ing con­fu­sion and hys­te­ria across the coun­try, it seems the Brexit vote has left many peo­ple dis­heart­ened, de­pressed, dis­grun­tled and ut­terly de­moralised.

Their lit­tle utopian dream world, namely the Euro­pean Union, has in one night fallen apart be­fore their very eyes and they are per­plexed and numbed.

Hav­ing lost their bat­tle, these very peo­ple have no- one they can quickly turn to or look up to for press­ing an­swers to their many fi­nan­cial, eco­nomic, im­mi­gra­tion and so on ques­tions.

The dis­ar­ray and dis­unity among politi­cians is also hav­ing a cat­a­strophic rip­pling ef­fect, adding to the mis­ery they never en­vis­aged, and which they can now hardly cope with.

And how can they when their hero, and worldly, EU god – in whom they in­ex­pli­ca­bly trusted – is alas no more?

A ma­jor­ity vote un­der the hand of the liv­ing God has seen to that. His wise coun­sel to us, as a na­tion, at such a time as this is very timely: ‘Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.’ He then tells us who we should place our trust in: ‘It is bet­ter to trust in the Lord than to put con­fi­dence in man.’

As one sits back and re­flects on all that is hap­pen­ing through­out Europe, in the light of the Brexit vote, we see many mis­er­able faces: Jean- Claude Juncker, Don­ald Tusk, Martin Schulz, An­gela Merkel, David Cameron, Mark Car­ney, Ni­cola Stur­geon … the list is end­less. Their earthly king­doms, do­mains and realms shake and shiver in a day: then in an in­stant all their hopes, as­pi­ra­tions and am­bi­tions are dashed. Be­liev­ing only in the things that ‘are seen’, they are all to be pitied. How very dif­fer­ent if their trust, by faith, was in God.

While we may have turned our backs on the EU, surely now is the time for our na­tion, peo­ple and politi­cians to turn back to God and His word. He is where our real hope is found, not in our lead­ers, not in our econ­omy, not in the con­di­tion of our na­tion to­day, or any other day.

Our hope comes from the Lord. When we turn to Him, we can be as­sured that bless­ing will fol­low: ‘Blessed is the na­tion whose God is the Lord … and whose hope the Lord is.’ Our fu­ture then will be as bright as His prom­ises.

Don­ald J Mor­ri­son, 85 Old Ed­in­burgh Road, In­ver­ness.

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