Be­fore My Time

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I must be gone and sail away and pass like morn­ing mist A fond farewell be­neath the grey this is my part­ing kiss I have no wish to lay the blame – the world has fickle ways. The time it never stays the same, I’m thank­ful for our days.

Cho­rus You’ll maybe just re­mem­ber as the days of Au­tumn come When the High tides of Septem­ber re­flect the evening sun And the weep­ing of the Ocean, re­sound­ing from the bay Car­ries waves of past emo­tion from be­fore I was away

Life and love it doesn’t last and travel through we go Parts of us be­come the past, the rivers al­ways flow; The land­scape where we live and die, for­ever will en­dure. We are but strangers pass­ing by. Shad­ows on the moor

I’m ready for the un­known way, what­ever may pre­vail My mark is made, I’ve had my stay, my ship can lift the sail My be­ing will for­ever yearn to wait a longer while But I’ll be wav­ing from the stern, and leav­ing with a smile

A sea to cross, a thou­sand miles, a realm I do not know On ev­ery wave I’ll feel your smile, as winds of hope they blow And if I gain the promised place, and reach the pearled pier I beg that by almighty grace, you’ll one day join me here

But if eter­nal jour­neys mean we never meet again Be glad for golden time there’s been, we had our heaven then. And when you want to feel my soul, my voice will still be strong Just lis­ten to the ocean roll and hear me in my song.

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