Oban Times un­masks ele­phant cam­paigner

The Oban Times - - Review of the Year -

MANY peo­ple have been mys­ti­fied over the last six weeks to see some­one wear­ing an ele­phant mask, sit­ting silently in ran­dom spots through­out Oban, Con­nel, Ap­pin, Cri­an­larich and Fort Wil­liam in all weath­ers, hold­ing a plac­ard read­ing ‘ Ker­ala Suf­fer­ing Ele­phants’.

Driv­ers and pedes­tri­ans have been do­ing dou­ble takes, ques­tion­ing whether they have seen cor­rectly – was that an ele­phant? Who is that? Are there ele­phants suf­fer­ing on Ker­rera?’

Well, fi­nally, fol­low­ing a tipoff, The Oban Times un­masked the west coast’s un­der­cover ele­phant pro­tes­tor.

She is Kay Lang, a 45-year- old South African who lives in Dun­beg.

Kay, a po­di­a­trist and pal­lia­tive care worker, was stirred into ac­tion a year ago when she stum­bled on the Ker­ala Suf­fer­ing Ele­phants Face­book page which is ‘ded­i­cated to spread­ing aware­ness about the atroc­i­ties meted out to the cap­tive ele­phants in Ker­ala’.

MASKED AND UN­MASKED: Kay Lang staged si­lent protests against cru­elty to ele­phants.

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