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The pledge given by MSP Michael Rus­sell to con­tinue to fight the ‘in­jus­tice’ vis­ited upon Con­nel wo­man Ann Colthart by Argyll and Bute Coun­cil’s plan­ning depart­ment and com­mit­tee drew wide­spread praise.

Cameron Anson crit­i­cised: ‘ “Ach, aye, it’s against the rules but it’s only a wee bit against the rules so it’s fine re­ally. Move on. Stop ask­ing ques­tions.” Fail­ure to ac­knowl­edge their own in­com­pe­tence and sup­port­ing de­vel­op­ers over the pub­lic has now set a very dan­ger­ous prece­dent. From now on, why should any­one fol­low plan­ning reg­u­la­tions if the Coun­cil are will­ing to ig­nore them? Sadly, whilst dis­grace­ful, it’s not sur­pris­ing. The PPSL Com­mit­tee aren’t re­fus­ing to ac­cept that they have made a mon­u­men­tal er­ror. The is­sue is that they don’t be­lieve they have done any­thing wrong. They flouted their own reg­u­la­tions in favour of a large de­vel­oper over one of their elec­torate de­spite be­ing shown ev­i­dence of the mis­takes and re­ceiv­ing strong op­po­si­tion from the com­mu­nity. It’s scan­dalous.’ Hamish Kirk quipped: ‘A and B Coun­cil never make mis­takes. It is our duty to OBEY our mas­ters! They re­ally are a hope­less case!’ Garry MacAl­lis­ter com­mented: ‘Ma­cleods and the coun­cil make the rules up them­self.’

Kathleen Fer­gu­son posted: ‘Found a so­lu­tion???? They must think we floated down the Clyde on a wa­ter bis­cuit.... Such com­pla­cency from a bunch of cor­rupt and ig­no­rant id­iots . A and B Coun­cil cer­tainly don’t do them­selves any favours.I can’t be­lieve they be­lieve their own in­com­pe­tence is ok.’

Han­nah El­iz­a­beth Fisher wrote: ‘Dis­gust­ing be­hav­iour!’

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