Are Argyll’s roads the worst in Scot­land? Why we are driven to dis­trac­tion

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Calum Fox, taxi driver from Oban:

‘If you look around the traf­fic lights around Tesco, they are ab­so­lutely shock­ing. They keep fill­ing it up with tar and it just keeps com­ing out. We got a flat tyre be­cause of a pot­hole. On Hazeldean Cres­cent, the bot­tom of the car is hit­ting the road. It would harm lots of the cars. Shock ab­sorbers get done more than be­fore. One driver at the turn- off at Fearnoch went into a mas­sive pot­hole and broke his drive shaft. It was a week in the garage dur­ing Christ­mas which was the busiest pe­riod.’

Anony­mous taxi driver, Oban:

‘I think Oban has the worst – es­pe­cially the town cen­tre. You are con­tin­u­ally go­ing in and out of pot­holes. One of my tyres burst. One bit by the high school has been like that for a year. It’s re­ally bumpy – peo­ple are get­ting thrown about. I have to keep apol­o­gis­ing. We are ab­so­lutely sick of it.’

Mick Cox, from the Mid­lands, now liv­ing on Barra:

‘I would dis­pute that. The roads are gen­er­ally, con­sid­er­ing the weather and miles and miles of roads, fan­tas­tic. Any city in the Mid­lands is full of pot­holes.’

Char­maine White, Lochawe:

‘ The pot­holes are mas­sive. There are a few be­tween here and Lochawe you can lie down in. In Ja­pan, a pro­tester had a bath in one. I’m feel­ing quite in­spired, but it’s too cold here. The nar­row­ness of the lanes on the tighter cor­ners too – I have hit quite a few wing mir­rors.’

Anony­mous, Oban:

‘ The bit by the traf­fic lights by the high school is dread­ful be­cause it is full of pot­holes. We are shaken all over the place. It is the same ev­ery win­ter. They seem to be in sig­nif­i­cant places that you can­not avoid.’

Marri Mal­loy, chair­per­son, Oban Com­mu­nity Coun­cil:

‘Soroba Road is an ab­so­lute dis­grace. There is one pot­hole at the bot­tom of Lo­nan Drive that has been there for a year.’

Calum Fox.

Mick Cox.

Marri Mal­loy.

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