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SO THAT is Jan­uary over al­ready and maybe along with it res­o­lu­tions about diet, ex­er­cise, un­fin­ished DIY, and books we re­ally should read.

Well done to any who are still per­se­ver­ing!

What­ever as­pect of life we think about, per­se­ver­ing, keep­ing go­ing is hard work. Not least in terms of our re­la­tion­ships.

When we are hurt, let down, badly treated, it is so easy to give up and cut the ties.

Maybe some­times this has to be done, but of­ten these days it seems any­thing but a last re­sort.

Je­sus sets us great ex­am­ple in the way he re­fused to give up on his clos­est fol­low­ers. They were a very mixed bunch, with likely sus­pi­cions among them. How would a man col­lect­ing taxes for the Ro­mans, Matthew, be viewed by a Jewish pa­triot known as Si­mon the Zealot? And as far as Je­sus and his mis­sion were con­cerned how of­ten did they mis­un­der­stand, mis­ap­ply, or lack faith?

Yet never once did Je­sus say, ‘I’m fin­ished with you guys, I’m go­ing to start with a new group.’

He didn’t give up then and at the heart of the Chris­tian faith is the prom­ise he won’t give up on any who trust him now.

Re­mem­ber­ing that ex­am­ple should surely en­cour­age us to per­se­vere with each other.

Af­ter all like the dis­ci­ples none of us are per­fect. James Beaton Oban Free Church

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