DVLA move to clear up reg plate con­fu­sion

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ARE YOU con­fused by new car reg­is­tra­tion plate changes? With so many DVLA changes to the num­ber plate sys­tem over re­cent years, it is no sur­prise that many peo­ple do not know how to tell what the year of a car on the road is by its num­ber plate. To make it clear, the DVLA now have two plate changes a year and this year – for cars reg­is­tered from March through to Au­gust – the num­ber plate rep­re­sents the year, e.g. cars pro­duced in 2017 will have a ‘17’ plate. From Septem­ber through to Fe­bru­ary, the num­ber plate rep­re­sents the year pre­fixed by a six for Septem­ber, e.g. cars pro­duced from Septem­ber 2017 un­til Fe­bru­ary 2018 will have a ‘67’ plate. This method of iden­ti­fy­ing has mul­ti­ple uses, in­clud­ing be­ing able to nar­row down cer­tain cars based on lo­ca­tion. The age iden­ti­fier sys­tem of the reg­is­tra­tion also has such aware­ness that many car deal­ers utilise it in­stead of the ac­tual year to ad­ver­tise the car.

With those shiny new plates about to hit the streets, there will be a host of deals to fur­ther tempt you into that new dream car. Have a look through our fea­tured deal­er­ships and keep an eye out for of­fers on 16-plate stock that deal­ers will now want to get rid of to make way for the new mod­els.

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