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Our ar­ti­cle high­light­ing de­tails of a Trump rally held in Oban last Thurs­day evening at­tracted a lot of com­ment for and against... James McCul­loch did not think much

of the move: How about protest­ing some­thing that con­cerns Oban, like the bin col­lec­tions for cry­ing out loud. what a waste of time. Oban Times, it’s not a ‘Mus­lim Ban’, if it was do you not think In­done­sia would be on the list as well as a few other coun­tries? And John DM Kerr agreed: Un­be­liev­able that the peo­ple in oban can

or­gan­ise a protest in Oban about an Amer­i­can non is­sue but our streets are in dark­ness and our bins are over flow­ing and they do noth­ing??

Vin­cent Thomas Muir said: What in the name of the wee manl!!! Don’t we all have enough to do tak­ing care of your OWN prob­lems? It’s not like we are part of the United States. Live our own lives and deal with our own coun­try’s prob­lems be­fore in­volv­ing our­selves in theirs! Don­ald Mor­ris replied to him: You may have no­ticed that the ac­tions in other coun­tries af­fect this one. For ex­am­ple, when the UK went into Iraq and caused noth­ing but death and de­struc­tion, there was an­other na­tion in­volved. Do you re­mem­ber?

Jo Pa­gan said: I can’t be­lieve a lot of these com­ments!! So sad that the big­ger pic­ture can’t be seen. Wow, let’s all worry about our lit­ter and just be grate­ful that we are not be­ing threat­ened with mur­der and rape on a daily ba­sis and can’t ac­tu­ally es­cape. Oh to be white and born in Oban, let’s for­get the rest of the world.

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