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DING­WALL: Ding­wall and Highland Marts, Fe­bru­ary 8, sold 786 sheep of all classes.

Lambs (388) av­er­aged £46.09 and sold to £73 gross for Che­viots from Achos­nich, Dornoch.

Ewes (329) av­er­aged £52.55 and sold to £93 gross a Suf­folk from Glebe of Deisher, Boat of Garten.

Rams and feed­ing sheep (69) av­er­aged £55.64 and sold to £102 gross for a Texel ram from 14 Air­d­ens, Bonar Bridge.

A mixed show saw strong and fleshy lambs meet a keen de­mand, smaller kinds eas­ier. Top end ewes were dearer oth­ers at sim­i­lar rates. Other lead­ing prices:

Lambs: Cross – Shepherds Cot­tage, Tain, £72, Achos­nich, £70; CharX – Shepherds Cot­tage, £70.50; Chev – Hall­croft, Brora, £69.50, Sheil­daig, Strath­car­ron, £56; Mule – Gorth­leck Mains, In­ver­ness, £68; SuffX - 17 English­ton­muir, In­ver­ness, £66; BF – 9 Sa­saig, Teangue, £65, Gorth­leck Mains, £58; TexX – Carnoch Farm, Er­ro­gie, £64.50, Dell Farm, White­bridge, £63.50, 14 Air­d­ens, £63; BeltX – Loan­reach, Ar­dross, £59.50.

Ewes: BFL - Glebe of Deisher, £85; Chev – Lin­nie, Tore, £82, Lochdhu, Nairn, £75; TexX – Drum­mond Farm, Evan­ton, £79, Lochdhu, £78 (twice), 17 English­ton­muir, £74; SuffX – 14 Air­d­ens, £74; Char – Ankerville, Nigg, £69.50; Mule – Dell Farm, £66, Ankerville, £58.50; Cross – Lochdhu, £55.50.

Rams: Chev – Muie and Rhein Club, Rog­art, £77, Sheil­daig, £70, Craigmhor, Glenelg and Leck­melm, Ul­lapool, £64; Tex – Lyn­ton, Staffi n, £74; BFL – Gorth­leck Mains, £58.

STIR­LING: Caledonian Mart Ltd, Fe­bru­ary 9: 178 cat­tle Prime Bul­locks Av­er­aged 208p Prime Heifers Av­er­aged 214p Bulls Aver­aged179p Beef Cows Aver­aged122p Dairy Cows Av­er­aged 100p A good show of cat­tle for qual­ity. Handy weight cat­tle were short of re­quire­ments and many more cat­tle could have been sold.

Bul­locks sold to 240ppkg for a Li­mousin from D Dick­in­son, Brock­woodlees, Canon­bie pur­chased by W W Wales Ltd, Glen­cairn Ind Est, Kil­marnock and to £1540 from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw, Brox­burn.

Heifers sold to 242ppkg for a Li­mousin from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw, Brox­burn pur­chased by H A Black & Sons, Butch­ers, Ar­madale and La­nark and to £1613 from D Dick­in­son.

Young Bulls sold to 210ppkg for a Li­mousin from M Jack, Car­ris­ton, Mark­inch to J Find­lay Ltd, Wishaw and to £1,604 from W Dick & Sons, Mains of Throsk, Stir­ling. Other Lead­ing Prices:

Bul­locks ppkg 238p + 235p Nethermyres 232p Easter Ochter­muthill & Learielaw 230p Learielaw 228p Brock­woodlees 225p + 222p Nethermyres 220p Brock­woodlees & Nethermyres 218p Ramornie Heifers ppkg 240p (twice) Easter Ochter­muthill

238p + 235p Brock­woodlees & Easter Ochter­muthill

232p (twice) + 230p Mains of Throsk

230p Bog­leys, Learielaw &

Easter Ochter­muthill 228p Bankhead ( Kerr) 225p Bog­leys 222p + 220p Turniemoon, Bankhead & Nethermyres

Also for­ward were 74 Cast Cows. Beef Cows sold to £1,290 from J & N Kerr, Bankhead, Aber­dour and to 155ppkg from J Bris­bane, West­wood­lane, Gar­gun­nock. Dairy Cows sold to £1,070 from W A Hume & Co, Easter Clune, Dun­fermline and to 126p from the same home. Bulls sold to £1,350 from J& J Pol­lock, Mal­let­sheugh, Newton Mearns. Other Lead­ing Prices:

Beef Cows per Head £1240 West­wood­lane £1230 Mal­let­sheugh £1220 Seg­gars­dean £1200 Mains of Throsk £1180 West­wood­lane £1150 Mains of Throsk Beef Cows ppkg 154p Mains of Throsk 146p Seg­gars­dean 144p Lam­merview 143p (twice) Mains of Throsk Dairy Cows per Head £1060 Carskerdo £980 Carneil £920 Carskerdo £900 + £870 Carneil £830 + £820 Mel­drum Dairy Cows ppkg 115p + 110p Carneil 110p Blair­mains 109p Knock­raich (twice) and Carskerdo 108.5p Inch­gall & Carneil Also for­ward 16 Beef and Dairy Calves. Dairy Bull calves av­er­aged £33.80 from JC & I Reade, Scriob Ruadh, Isle of Mull, with Beef Bull calves from the same home av­er­ag­ing £59.25. Beef Heifers calves sold away av­er­ag­ing £82.50, also from J C & I Reade, Scriob Ruadh, Isle of Mull. Top price of the day for Dairy Bull calves came to £50 from A Reid, Plean, Stir­ling.

FORT WIL­LIAM: Ding­wall & Highland Marts, Fe­bru­ary 9, sold 507 sheep of all classes.

Lambs (271) sold to £70 gross for a Black­face from Hill­side Farm, Kil­choan and also for a pair of Charo­lais crosses from Loch Treig, In­ver­lochy.

Ewes (50) sold to £31 gross for a pen ofHe­bridean crosses from Carnoch Farm, Ard­gour.

Rams (186) sold to £86 gross for a Suf­folk from East Croft Roy, New­ton­more.

Fleshy and well bred rams, ewes and lambs met a fi rm en­quiry, whilst weath­ered and plainer types met a sat­is­fac­tory de­mand.” Lead­ing prices per head:

Lambs: SuffX – 19 Blar­ma­c­foldach, Fort Wil­liam, £63, East Croft Roy, £51; LynX – BlarA’Chaoru­inn, Fort Wil­liam, £62, Tigh An Uilt, Kil­choan, £61; Chev – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tate, Kil­choan, £60; BF – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tate, £60, Hill­side Farm, £56.50, 19 Blar­ma­c­foldach, £52; HdwX – Tigh Airigh, Fort Wil­liam, £ 42.

Ewes: BF – Blarour, Fort Wil­liam, £27, In­ver­sanda Es­tate, Ard­gour & Insh Farm, Spean Bridge, £24.

Rams: Suff – Bal­ma­glaster, Spean Bridge, £77, 19 Blar­ma­c­foldach, £58; Chev – 4 Gle­be­hill, Kil­choan, £75, Bal­ma­glaster, £67; BFL – Bal­ma­glaster, £60; BF – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tate, £59, BL – Ockle, Achar­a­cle, £58; Zwb – Ockle, £57; Llyn – Blarour, £56; Belt – Glen­doe Es­tate, Fort Au­gus­tus, £50.

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