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STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Marts Ltd (Thurs­day April 6) sold 150 com­pris­ing 80 prime bul­locks and heifers, six young bulls, six OTM cat­tle, 58 cast cows and bulls and 12 young calves. Prime bul­locks av­er­aged – 204p Prime heifers av­er­aged – 212p Young bulls av­er­aged – 190p Due to the good weather con­di­tions, num­bers for­ward were a lot less how­ever trade would be con­sid­er­ably dearer. Tak­ing into con­sid­er­a­tion the qual­ity bul­locks sold to 230ppkg (twice) for Li­mousins from R Cook, Kin­neil Mill, Lin­lith­gow, and J Wat­son, Can­der­mains, Stone­house, pur­chased by T John­ston, Butch­ers, Falkirk, and to £1640 from Ferguson Bros, Gil­lan­der­s­land, Lin­lith­gow, pur­chased by WW Wales Ltd, Butch­ers, Kil­marnock. Heifers sold to 248ppkg for a Li­mousin from A Orr, Lomond Muir, Kin­ross, to H A Black and Sons, Butch­ers, La­nark, and Ar­madale and to £1543 from A S Hay, Mains of Cult­malundie, Tib­ber­more, again to H A Black and Sons. Young bulls sold to 216ppkg for a Li­mousin from J Smith, Lorn, Lochgilp­head, to J F Fin­lay Ltd. Lead­ing prices. Bul­locks ppkg: 225p Dul­lo­muir 220p High­holm 218p Tod­hall and Dul­lo­muir 215p Can­der­mains and Mains of Cult­malundie 212p Black­hill 210p (twice) Spit­tal (Gard­ner) and Dul­lo­muir. Heifers ppkg: 240p Kin­neil Mill 230p Tod­hall and Spit­tal 228p Rathil­let and Gil­lan­der­s­land 225p Turniemoon, Tod­hall, High­holm, Mains of Cult­malundie, Nether Long­ford and Rathil­let 222p Turniemoon 220p Spit­tal, Black­hill and Rathil­let 218p White­side Bul­locks per head £1552 Mains of Cult­malundie £1445 Nether Long­ford and Gil­lan­der­s­land £1443 High­holm £1430 Can­der­mains £1426 Dul­lo­muir and Gil­lan­der­s­land Heifers per head £1490 Tod­hall £1443 Rathil­let £1433 Lomond Muir £1404 Tod­hall £1359 High­holm, Rathil­let and Turniemoon Also for­ward were 58 cast cows and bulls. A lot more could have been sold to sell­ers ad­van­tage with a very big de­mand for all cows. Beef cows sold to 160ppkg for a Li­mousin from Hume of Over­ton, Over­ton, Denny, and to £1200 for a Li­mousin from I Steven­son, Bowridge, Denny. Dairy cows sold to 125ppkg from J and I Wil­son, Carskerdo, Cu­par, and to £1040 from the same home. Other lead­ing prices. Beef cows per head £1180 Bowridge £1150 Lomond Muir £1120 Wester Braco £1070 and 1020 Over­ton. Beef cows ppkg 157ppkg Lomond Muir 147ppkg Over­ton 145ppkg Wester Braco 143ppkg Tur­dees 140ppkg Rathil­let Dairy cows per head £970 Black­hill £ 850 and £ 830 Blair­mains £770 Carskerdo Dairy cows ppkg 117ppkg Blair­mains 115ppkg Black­hill 111ppkg Carskerdo 110ppkg Blair­mains and Inch­gall Bulls sold to £1200 for an Aberdeen An­gus from M Bell, Wal­lace­ton, Cardross, and to 134ppkg for a Li­mousin from WM and JD Gib­son, Saw­er­ston, Mauch­line. A good show of 12 calves to­day, both beef and dairy black and whites more could have been sold to suit buy­ers re­quire­ments. Top price of the day, £ 305 for a Li­mousin x Heifer Calf from G W Pater­son, Bar­beth. Lead­ing prices. Dairy black and white bul­locks £74, £66 and £60 – Bar­beth £48 and £42 – Plean. Bull beef £290 and £270 – Bar­beth Heifer beef £290 – Bar­beth The next sale of calves will be April 20 please con­tact Laura Bai­ley – 07561305922 for more in­for­ma­tion.

STIR­LING – United Auc­tions (Thurs­day April 6) sold 4831 prime sheep in­clud­ing 45 new sea­son lambs to an av­er­age of £101.40 and 3713 hoggs selling to an av­er­age of 169.1ppk and 1077 ewes and rams Spring lambs (45) – Lochend (Suff) £112; Long­side (Char) £122; Whitehouse (Zwa) £105; Wood (Hamp) £93; Bal­go­ner (Dor) £105. Hoggs (3713) – Wood­head of Aberdal­gie (Suff) £90; Luck­en­burn (BTex) £117.00; Nether­ton (Chev) £ 87.50; Bal­lechin (Tex) £99; Kil­mundie & Cham­ber­wells (BF) £ 81; Shoes­tanes (Chev/ Mule) £ 84.50; Easter Buck­lyvie (Mule) £78. Hoggs (3713) – Luck­en­burm (Btex) 268p; Bal­lechin (Tex) 215p; Snaw­don (Chev) 200p; Clunebeg (Suff) 196p; Dun­ruchan (BF) 189p; Shoes­tanes (Chev/ Mule) 169p; Gart­vaigh (Mule) 167p. Ewes (1077) – Bar­barafield (Suff) £127; West White­field (Tex) £108; Hume­ston (Char) £106; Bal­nacree (Chev) £101; Up­per Hind­hope (Mule) £ 89; Whitehouse (Chev/ Mule) £ 88; Whitehouse (Zwa) £ 87; West Meikle Pinker­ton (Masham)£ 81; Gart­vaigh (BFL) £79; Clack­burn (BD) £67.50; Up­per Hind­hope (BL) £66; Glen­fer­nate (Hamp) £64; Wal­lace­ton (BTex) £60; Cei­ther Goaithe (Easy) £ 39. Tups – Bar­barafield (Suff) £110; Kil­mundie and Cham­ber­wells (BF) £91; Hume­ston (Char) £ 84; Drum­mie (Tex) £ 80.

STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Marts Ltd (Tues­day April 4) had for­ward 2274 prime hoggets, ewes and tups. Top price of the day went to DS and RC Tay­lor, Easter Ochter­muthill, for a pen of 19 Bel­tex X hoggets at £100. Top price per kilo went to Mr Tay­lor again for 5 Bel­tex X hoggets at £45 at 222ppkg. Over­all sale av­er­age for 1984 sold 158ppkg (-21.7p on the week) in­cluded in the sale was 986 Black­face hoggets av­er­ag­ing 147.5ppkg selling to £ 80 from Glen­tur­ret Es­tates.

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