Sad­dened by one Chris­tian’s in­tol­er­ance

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Sir, I read with sad­ness the let­ter from Don­ald Mor­ri­son ( The Oban Times, April 20) and can only spec­u­late on the mo­ti­va­tion for such an out­pour­ing of un­pleas­ant­ness from some­one who pur­ports to be a Chris­tian.

Hope­fully, other Chris­tians of a more pleas­ant dis­po­si­tion will re­spond and con­firm that they do not share Mr Mor­ri­son’s in­tem­per­ate views in the name of Christ. To add to his outrageous views is his ad­mis­sion that he was not even pre­sent at the funeral to which he takes such vit­ri­olic ex­cep­tion, but ar­ro­gantly pleases him­self by pur­port­ing to re­flect the views of some who did at­tend.

Mr Mor­ri­son should per­haps re­flect on the hurt he has caused to the loved ones of the de­ceased who were mark­ing the pass­ing of a fel­low hu­man be­ing in the man­ner of their choos­ing, and he needs to ques­tion his right to pub­licly be­rate those who do not share his big­oted be­liefs.

Pre­sum­ably, he takes a sim­i­larly dim view of those Bud­dhists, Hin­dus, Mus­lims and those of other faiths who would make no men­tion of his Chris­tian be­liefs in their funeral pro­ceed­ings.

As an athe­ist, I re­spect the ab­so­lute right of oth­ers to have faith in their cho­sen be­liefs. That right does not, how­ever, ex­tend to be­rat­ing those who do not share the same views.

It is this kind of ex­treme in­tol­er­ance of oth­ers, and the in­sis­tence of the ab­so­lute ‘di­vine truth’, as ex­pressed by Mr Mor­ri­son, that led to the In­qui­si­tion in the past, and to the ex­treme views and bar­bar­ity that we wit­ness to­day in the Mid­dle East and else­where.

Fi­nally, and on read­ing his let­ter afresh, would Mr Mor­ri­son ex­pect Jesus to have drafted such a let­ter and been the sig­na­tory to it?

An­drew Dodd, Lochgilp­head.

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