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STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Marts re­port for sale on Tues­day April 18. Cale­do­nian Marts sold 1797 Prime Hoggets, Ewes and Tups. Top price of the day went to DS and RC Tay­lor, Easter Ochter­muthill, at £109 and to 234ppkg also from Easter Ochter­muthill. Spring Lambs sold to £87 or 218ppkg Three Views. Over­all sale av­er­age for 1477 Hoggets 175.95ppkg (+9.35ppkg on the week). SQQ av­er­age 182.6ppkg (+6.7ppkg on the week) Lead­ing Prices pounds per head:Bel­tex: Er Ochter­muthill £107, £106 and £105 New­ton of Crathie £104 Texel: Er Ochter­muthill £104 Nethermyres £98 North Bank £98 Birch Av­enue £98 Nethermyres £90 Che­viot: Nether Strathkin­ness £89 Burn­shot £88.50 Mule: Rae­cruick £81.50 Inch­gall £80 Meikle Seg­gie £80 Black­face: Avon­crook £79 East Brack­linn £78.50 Red­burn £75 Lead­ing Prices pence per kilo:Bel­tex: Easter Ochter­muthill 228ppkg and 220ppkg Meikle Seg­gie 215ppkg Texel: Easter Ochter­muthill 219ppkg East Brack­linn 214ppkg Meikle Seg­gie 212ppkg Che­viot: North­bank 208ppkg Nethermyres 206ppkg Anvil­side 200ppkg Mule: Meikle Seg­gie 176ppkg Rae­cruick 173ppkg Graystale 172ppkg Black­face: Auchen­car­roch 176ppkg East Brack­linn 174ppkg & 173ppkg Red­burn 174ppkg Also for­ward were 320 Cast Ewes and Tups. 155 heavy ewes av­er­aged £75.46 sell­ing to £126 for a Suf­folk from Fer­gu­son Bros, Gil­lan­der­s­land, Lin­lith­gow. 135 ex­port ewes av­er­aged £61.47 Other Lead­ing Prices:Texel: £105 Chalmer­ston 100 Three Views, Gil­lan­der­s­land and Kin­naird £98 Inch­gall £96 Whit­leys BF: £68 Harvies­mail­ing and Hil­lend £66 Cul­creuch £ 59 Hill­head £ 57 Kin­naird Suf­folk: £103, £100 and £97 New­ton £86 Inch­gall and Blairoer £80 Harvies­mail­ing Che­viot: £60 Kin­naird £ 58 Weels Cross: £87 Kin­naird £85 Red­burn £79 Greigston £77 Harvies­mail­ing, Bou­prie and Graystale £76 Gartfinnan Zwar: £100 Three Views Tups sold to £134 for a pen of 6 Tex­els from A W Ni­chol­son and Son, Kin­claven, Stan­ley. Other Lead­ing Prices:Texel: £127, £106 and £104 Kin­claven £103 Blaircess­nock £100 Kin­claven £85 New­ton Suf­folk: £88 Kin­naird

DING­WALL – Ding­wall and High­land Marts on April 20 sold 429 sheep of all classes. Lambs (331) av­er­aged £42.75 and sold to £73 gross for Black­faces from Bog­burn Farm, Dun­canston. Ewes (67) sold to £80 gross for a Texel from Wester Moy, Ur­ray. Rams and feed­ing sheep (31) sold to £47 gross a Black­face from Tigh N’Ulaidh, To­matin. Other lead­ing prices per head: Lambs: TexX – Bog­burn Farm, £61, 26 Balvraid, Muir of Ord, £ 52, 3 Ca­mus­na­gaul, Dun­don­nell & 26 Balvraid, £ 51; Cross – Bog­burn Farm, £61; BF – Mullingar­roch Steading, Boat of Garten, £ 57; Chev – 9 Mel­lon Udrigle, Laide, £ 55, Broomhill House, Helms­dale, £ 52, Dun­dreg­gan Croft, Glen­moris­ton, £ 50; SuffX – Bal­macaan, Drum­nadro­chit, £49. Ewes: Suff – Mar­ian, Evan­ton, £70; SuffX – Wester Moy, £64; Chev – Clamhan Lodge, Bonar Bridge, £61; TexX – 26 Balvraid, £60, 5C Balnabeen, Conon Bridge, £ 55; BeltX – Mar­ian, £ 59; Mule – Wester Moy, £ 51. Rams and feed­ing sheep: Tex – 26 Balvraid, £40; SuffX – Bal­macaan, £40.

STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Marts re­port for sale on Thurs­day April 20. Cale­do­nian Marts sold 162 cat­tle com­pris­ing 107 prime bul­locks, heifers and young bulls, five OTM cat­tle, 50 cast cows and bulls. A bet­ter en­try for numbers for­ward would once again be con­sid­er­ably dearer on the week. Prime Bul­locks Av­er­aged – 211p Prime Heifers Av­er­aged – 217p Young Bulls Av­er­aged – 187p Beef Cows Av­er­aged – 132p Dairy Cows Av­er­aged – 114p Prime Bul­locks sold to 240ppkg for a Li­mousin from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Brox­burn, pur­chased by T John­ston, Butcher, Falkirk and to £1645 gross from A and J Muir, Arns, Clack­man­nan, to C M Kirk­patrick, Locker­bie which was closely fol­lowed at £1643 for a Lu­ing from J Wat­son, Pi­tyot, Stone­haven. Prime Heifers to 245ppkg for a Li­mousin from W Pettigrew, Fask­ine, Air­drie to D Campbell and Son, Butch­ers, Cal­lan­der, and to £1580 from A S Hay, Mains of Cult­malundie, Tib­ber­more to H A Black and Sons, Butcher, La­nark and Ar­madale. Bulls sold to 210ppkg for a Li­mousin from South Hourat Farms, Gif­ford­land, Dalry and to £1150 from the same farm. Lead­ing Prices:Bul­locks ppkg 238p West Mains, Pi­tyot, Mains of Cult­malundie and Brock­woodlees 235p West Mains, Learielaw and Brock­woodlees 230p Spit­tal (Gard­ner) 228p Brock­woodlees 225p Fask­ine, Dul­lo­muir, Easter­ton & Brock­woodlees 222p Meikle Seg­gie 220p Pi­tyot Heifers ppkg 242p and 240p Learielaw 238p Pi­tyot and Mains of Cult­malundie 232p Blairhall 230p (twice) Spit­tal (Gard­ner) 230p Mains of Cult­malundie, Blairhall and Brock­woodlees 228p Lam­merview, Blairhall, Brock­woodlees and Fask­ine 225p Wester Gartshore 222p Pi­tyot 220p Wester Gartshore and An­n­field (John­ston) Bul­locks per Head £1596 Gil­lan­der­s­land £1580 Pi­tyot £1564 Arns £1556 and £1547 Pi­tyot £1532 Learielaw and Mains of Cult­malundie £1530 Arns £1521 Learielaw £1512 Seg­gars­dean £1504 West Mains £1501 Arns Heifers per Head £1573 Mains of Cult­malundie and Brock­woodlees £1512 Learielaw £1500 Pi­tyot £1480 Wester Gartshore £1416 Brock­woodlees £1395 & £1385 Green­craig Also for­ward were 50 Cast Cows and Bulls Beef cows sold to 171ppkg for a Charo­lais from A F Thomson and Son, Lam­merview, Athel­stanes­ford, and to £1180 for a Charo­lais from G Rus­sell, Les­lie Park, Denny. Dairy cows sold to 129ppkg from R H Steel and Sons, Wester Mye, Buch­lyvie and to £970 from R Den­holm and Son, Wester Lochdrum, Dyke­brae. All classes of cows met a dearer trade to that of last week. Other Lead­ing Prices:Beef Cows per Head £1130 Over­ton £1110 Seg­gars­dean £1060 Poltal­loch Farms and Gil­mour Farms £1010 Easter Barnego Trust £1000 Easter­ton (Graham) and Lam­merview Beef Cows ppkg 161p Gil­mour Farms 157p Les­lie Park 149p Les­lie Park 149p Poltal­loch Farm 146p Harviestoun 145p Easter Barnego Trust and Gil­mour Farms 142p Easter­ton (Graham) Dairy Cows per Head £920 and £910 North Mains £900 Carskerdo £880, £870 and £840 North Mains £840 Carskerdo and How­fold Dairy Cows ppkg 125p North Mains and How­fold 123p and 122p North Mains 120p Dru­malea 118p Wester Lochdrum A good show of 22 beef and dairy calves of all ages. Top price of the day was £320 for a Li­mousin x Heifer from G Pater­son, Bar­beth. Lead­ing prices:Black and Whites: £250 and £240 Arns £ 50 Nyadd £ 50 Plean Ayr­shires:£ 52, £46 and £38 Baden­heath Beef Bull:£300 and £270 Bar­beth Next sale of calves will be May 4. Stir­ling - United Auc­tions on Thurs­day April 20 sold 3892 prime sheep in­clud­ing 40 new sea­son lambs to an av­er­age of £109.95 and 3465 hoggs sell­ing to an av­er­age of 176.25ppk and 387 ewes and rams Spring lambs (40) Harper­croft (Suff) £124; White­house (X) £120; Lang­side (Char) £119; Ar­dac­hearn­mhor (Tex) £108. Spring Lambs (40) Men­teith (Suff) 250p; Lang­side (Char) 243p; Ar­dac­hearn­mor (Tex) 240p; White­house (X) 231p. Hoggs (3465)- Long­fauld (BTex) £118.00; Clochnahill (Tex) £106; South­park (Chev) £96.00; Marv­ingston (Suff) £93.00; Muir­side of Kinned­dar (BF) £85.50; Kepcul­loch (BFL) £82.00; Old Faskally (Char) £77.50; Easter Buck­lyvie (Mule) £77.50. Hoggs (3465)- Long­fauld (BTex) 252p; South­park (Chev) 222p; Pit­sundry (Tex) 220p; Croft­garry (BF) 190p; Park­head (Suff) 187p; Easter Buck­lyvie (Mule) 171p. Ewes (387)- Lang­side (Tex) £149.00; Marv­ingston (Suff) £118.00; Wester Bal­gair (BTex) £110.00; Broadleys (BFL) £100.00; Whit­burgh Mains (X) £100.00; Birch Lane (mule) £99.00; Marv­ingston (Chev) £90; Head of Moulin (BF) £66.00 Tups – Marv­ingston (Suff) £1000.00; Kil­mundie (BF) £75.

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