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CALE­DO­NIAN MARTS LTD, Stir­ling, on Mon­day May 22, 204 breed­ing cat­tle sold. An ex­cel­lent en­try of cat­tle for­ward both for num­bers and qual­ity sold to one of the largest ring­side of buy­ers ever to be seen at this cen­tre which re­sulted in all classes eas­ily sold.

Heifers with calves av­er­aged £3117 (a record), cows with calves av­er­aged £1212, bulling Heifers av­er­aged £1191 (a record), cows In- Calf av­er­aged £716. The judge was R Sem­ple, Nether­ton, Dal­rym­ple.

Cham­pion Heifer with calf came from Craig Malone, Pit­cairn, Car­den­den which made £5000 pur­chased by James Mather on be­half of Haas­side Farms, Locker­bie. Re­serve Cham­pion also came from Craig Malone sell­ing at £3800 to the judge R Sem­ple, Nether­ton, Dal­rym­ple.

3rd prize Heifer from John McAlis­ter, West Thomas­ton, Ban­knock made £5000 to Brian Harper, Green­wells, Falkirk.

Lead­ing prices outwith prize list: Heifers with Calves – £5100 Pit­cairn £4800 West Thomas­ton £4600 Learielaw £4100 West Thomas­ton £4000 Learielaw £3300 West Thomas­ton £3100 & £3000 Pit­cairn & West Thomas­ton Cows with Calves £1900 Flem­ing­ton £1700 & £1650 (three times) Hawkhill, Auchen­blae £1550 (twice) Hawkhill £1400 Tay­lor­ton, Over Hill­house & Hawkhill £1280 Blaircess­nock Bulling Heifers Lim - £2200, £1800 & £1600 Seg­gars­dean Sim - £1350 & 1300 Over Hill­house Lim - £1300 Glen­side (Stran­raer) High x Sim - £1300 Ash­more & Strone Es­tates

AAX - £1200 Glen­side DING­WALL & HIGH­LAND MARTS LTD, May 17, sold 103 pedi­gree and com­mer­cial Lu­ing cat­tle at their ninth an­nual spring breed­ing sale spon­sored by W&A Ged­des and Har­bro Ltd.

Pedi­gree bulling heifers (74) av­er­aged £1,519.52 and sold to 1,995gns (£1,900), twice for 25 month old heifers from Mr F Scott Ren­wick, In­ver­b­room Farm, Ul­lapool, to A&C Matheson, Up­per Bogrow, Tain.

Pedi­gree year­ling heifers (11) av­er­aged £910.64 and sold to 1,050gns (£1,102.50) for a 14 month old heifer from Wel­beck Es­tates, Wel­beck, to Messrs Tod­holes, Northum­ber­land.

Sim/Lu­ing heifers (6) av­er­aged £1,277.50 and sold to 1,470gns (£1,400) from Messrs A. L. & A. C. McCall, Cul­maily Farm, to Messrs A. S. Budge, Mil­ton Farm, Thurso.

Breed­ing cat­tle (9) sold to 1575gns (£1,500) for a Lu­ing cow with a heif- er calf at foot from Messrs R. M & M. J. McCall, In­ver­brora Farm, Brora, to Firm of Ernest Craw­ford, Blarghour Farm, Ar­gyll.

Bulls (3) sold to 5,775gns (£5,500) for a 24 month old from Messrs C. C. Macarthur & Co, Nun­nerie Farm, Big­gar, to Messrs Ben Chal­lum Ltd., Wood­burn, Cri­eff. Other lead­ing prices: Pedi­gree bulling heifers: In­ver­b­room, 1,850gns, 1,800gns; Ard­larach, Oban, (eight times), Monzie Farm, Perth-Shire, (twice) 1,700gns; Ard­larach, (twice), In­ver­brora Farm, (thrice), 1,650gns; In­ver­b­room, (twice), Monzie Farm, (four times), In­ver­brora Farm, (twice), 1,600gns; Wel­beck Es­tates, (twice), 1,550gns; Fearn Farm, Tain, (twice), 1,520gns.

Pedi­gree year­ling heifers: Wel­beck Es­tates, (four times), In­ver­brora, (twice), 1,000gns.

Sim/Lu­ing heifers: Cul­maily Farm, (twice), 1,400gns; Til­lyrie, Kin­ross, (twice), 1,150gns, 1,100gns.

Breed­ing cat­tle: In­ver­brora Farm, (twice), for a cow with heifer calf at foot, 1,700gns, and 1,620gns for a cow with male calf at foot; In­ver­b­room, 1,500gns for a heifer in calf. Bulls: Cul­maily Farm, 3,600gns. Some 244 adult head of breed­ing cat­tle in­clud­ing sale of High­land cat­tle also sold at Ding­wall.

High­land bul­locks (8) sold to £730 gross, (twice), from Mor­ris­ton House, Fraser­burgh.

High­land heifers (34) sold to £950 gross for a pen from 8 Corn­town, Conon Bridge. High­land bulls (2) sold to £520 gross from Hil­lend, Aul­dern.

Com­mer­cial bulling heifers ( 49) sold to £1,220 gross for a pair of Beef Shorthorns from Ach­varas­dal Farm, By Thurso.

In calf cows (7) sold to £1,120 gross for a Shorthorn from 29/30 Borve, Ske­a­bost.

In calf heifers (8) sold to £1,400 gross, (thrice), for a Lu­ing cross from Bru­aich Mills Farm, Kil­tar­l­ity.

Cow with male calf (47) sold to £1,025 gross for a Li­mousin cow with a Shorthorn cross calf from Mig­dale, Bonar Bridge.

Cow with fe­male calf (46) sold to £2,400 gross for a Li­mousin cow with a Shorthorn calf from Mig­dale.

Heifer with male calf (10) sold to £1,150 gross for Sim­men­tal cross cow with a Li­mousin calf from 4 & 5 Totescore, Portree.

Heifer with fe­male calf (14) sold to £1,100 gross for Aberdeen An­gus cross cow with a Li­mousin calf from The Arr, Lethen.

Bulls (19) sold to £3,800 gross for a Li­mousin from Clury Farm, Dul­nain Bridge. Other lead­ing prices: High­land bul­locks: Shewglie, Glenurquhart & Kil­martin Hall, In­ver­gor­don, (twice), £510.

High­land heifers: 8 Corn­town, (twice), £850, Mor­ris­ton House, (twice), £800, 4 Bual­naluib, Ach­nasheen, £750, Mor­ris­ton House, (five times), £700.

Bulling heifers: Sho – Craigroy, Ed­der­ton, & Ach­varas­dal Farm, £1,200; LuiX – 4 Bual­naluib, £1,150; SimX – Craigview, Ari­saig, £1,140; AAX – 4 Bual­naluib, £1,050; LimX – West­field, Thurso, £950.

In calf cows: ShoX – 29/30 Borve, £1,100; SimX – Muir­ton Mains, Muir of Ord, £920.

In calf heifers: LimX – Rovie Lodge, Rog­art, £980, Muir­ton Mains, £950.

Cow with male calf: SimX – Black­park, Nairn, £2,000: LimX – Muir­ton Mains, £1,900, £1,800; BRB – Muir­ton Mains, £1,700, Black­park, £1,680; AAX – Mig­dale, £1,650; ShoX – Black­park, (twice), £1,600; SalX – Coilach, Muir of Ord, (twice), £1,480.

Cow with heifer calf: LimX – Mig­dale, £2,220, £2,050; SimX – Black­park, £2,000; BRB – Cran­ford, Gol­lan­field, £1,700; AAX – Inkstack, Thurso, £1,520.

Bulls: Lim – Easter Aber­chalder, Gorth­leck, £3,000; SimX – Mains of House­hill, Nairn, £2,080; Sho – Crag­gan­val­lie, Beauly, £1,980.

Heifer with male calf: SalX – 4 & 5 Totescore, £2,000; AAX – The Arr, £1,850.

Heifer with fe­male calf: SalX – 4 & 5 Totescore, £1,920; AAX – The Arr, (twice), £1,850; SimX – 4 & 5 Totescore, £1,850. For full re­sults at www.oban­

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