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HERE is a quote worth re­mem­ber­ing, es­pe­cially in the light of the ter­ror­ist events that have blighted Europe, and even more so the Mid­dle East: ‘ The op­po­site of faith is fun­da­men­tal­ism.’

To some, this might seem coun­ter­in­tu­itive but that would be to mis­un­der­stand faith.

Faith does not shun doubt. Rather, faith ac­knowl­edges the hu­man re­al­ity of doubt. Just read the Gospels and see how the dis­ci­ples were a con­fused bunch who, in that state, were still loved by Je­sus Christ. Faith with doubt al­lows space to grow in both hu­mil­ity and knowl­edge.

Fun­da­men­tal­ism is a blight on our world. It is not strong faith, it is blind faith that can­not deal with other opin­ions and in­sights. Fun­da­men­tal­ism pur­ports to be built with con­crete, but the slight­est de­viance threat­ens to let the whole ed­i­fice tum­ble.

Faith, on the other hand, is in re­al­ity far stronger for it can cope with al­ter­na­tive opin­ions and new un­der­stand­ings of life, cul­ture, science and hu­man sex­u­al­ity.

Je­sus came into this world to both chal­lenge and af­firm our hu­man­ity. His spirit con­tin­ues this work for the fu­ture is open and we are en­cour­aged to ex­plore it, eyes open. There are mys­ter­ies which for­ever un­fold be­fore us. Thanks be to God, Cre­ator, Saviour and Holy Spirit. Rev Du­gald Cameron, Kil­more and Oban, Mod­er­a­tor of the Pres­bytery of Ar­gyll

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