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STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Mar­ket on Thurs­day June 22 sold 121 cat­tle com­pro­mis­ing 81 prime bul­locks, heifers and six young bulls, 34 cast cows and bulls. Prime bul­locks av­er­aged 220ppkg, prime heifers av­er­aged 226ppkg, young bulls av­er­aged 198ppkg, beef wows av­er­aged 133p and dairy cows av­er­aged 106p Bul­locks sold to 245ppkg for a Li­mousin from D Dick­in­son, Brock­woodlees, Conon­bie, to T John­ston, Butch­ers, Falkirk, and to a mas­sive £1768 gross (away ahead of any dead­weight cen­tre) for a Charo­lais from C Smith, South Flan­ders, Kip­pen, to Mal­colm Al­lan and Sons. Heifers sold to 250ppkg for a Li­mousin from A S Hay, Mains of Cult­malundie, Tib­ber­more, to D Camp­bell, Butch­ers, Cal­lan­der and again to ‘a mas­sive’ gross price of £1716 from J Brown, Green­craig, Falkirk, to Bor­der Meats, Locker­bie. Young bulls to 215ppkg for a Li­mousin from W Bris­bane and Son, South Wood­lane, Blair­drum­mond, to Charles Kirk­patrick. Lead­ing prices:Bul­locks ppkg 240p (twice) Balquhar­rage and Easter Ochter­muthill 238p West Wood­lane and Brock­woodlees 235p (twice) West Wood­lane, Easter Oc­ter­muthill, Balquhar­rage and Brock­woodlees 232p Mains of Cult­malundie and West Wood­lane 228p Old Leckie 225p Can­der Mains and Dul­lam­oir Heifers ppkg 245p & 242p Brock­woodlees 240p Mains of Cult­malundie, Brock­woodlees and Easter Ochter­muthill 238p Fask­ine 235p Can­der Mains and Easter Ochter­muthill 232p An­n­field and Fask­ine 230p (twice) Black­hill and An­n­field 228p Green­craig and West Wood­lane Bul­locks Per Head £1746 and £1684 South Flan­ders £1670 Easter Ochter­muthill £1586 and £1574 Green­craig £1530 Mains of Cult­malundie Heifers per head £1606 and £1558 Brock­woodlees £1598 Easter Ochter­muthill £1436 Green­craig £1392 An­n­field Also for­ward were 34 cast cows and bulls Very short on cows for the de­mand, lots more could have been sold to sell­ers ad­van­tage! Beef cows av­er­aged 134p sell­ing to 162ppkg for a Charo­lais from R A Pur­don, Easter­ton, Calder­cruix and to £1410 from the same home. Dairy cows sold to 116.5p and to £990 from W Hamil­ton and Sons, Meldrum, Stir­ling. Bulls and bul­locks av­er­aged 138p sell­ing to 171p for a Li­mousin Bullock from J Laird and Sons, South Quar­ter, Kings­barns, and to £1530 for the same beast. Other lead­ing prices: Beef cows per head £950 Wal­ton £930 South Quar­ter £870 7 Hold­ing Par­dovan £820 Your Lo­cal Farmer £790 Knox­fauld Beef cows pkg 148.7p South Quar­ter 143.1 7 Hold­ing Par­dovan 134.4p Your Lo­cal Farmer Dairy cows per head; £820 Meldrum Bulls and bul­locks per head; £1190 Spit­tal £990 Rosco­bie

STIR­LING – United Auc­tions on Thurs­day June 22 sold 3197 prime sheep in­clud­ing 1667 new sea­son lambs sell­ing to an av­er­age of 236.01ppk and 299 hoggs and 1231 ewes and rams. Spring lambs (1667) Mead­ows of Bal­lied (Tex) £138; Fish­er­ton (Suff) £124; Wr Kep­dowrie (BTex) £110; Dip­pen (Char) £106.50; Pri­est­field (Chev) £103.50; Binn (Zwa) £100;; Devol (Mule) £92. Spring lambs (1667) Mead­ows of Bal­lied (Tex) 283p; Kin­loch (Suff) 281p; South Bal­laird (BTex) 242p; Dip­pen (Char) 242p; Nether­mill (X) 242p; Pri­est­field (Chev) 240p; Beech­knowe (Hamp) 218p; Binn(Zwa) 215p. Ewes (1231)- Fleurs (Tex) £130.00; Fleurs (Suff) £96.50; Wester­hill (Char) £94.00; Dall (BFL) £92.50; Wester For­ret (Chev/Mule) £84.00; Pri­est­field (Chev) £81.00; Fleurs (X) £80.00; Pen­ston (Mule) £78.00; Lin­field (Zwa) £76.00; Craig­buie (BF) £67.00. Tups – Devol (BFL) £120.00; Hil­ton of Aldie (Char) £106; Gather­cauld (Tex) £103; For­mal (Suff) £100; Auchen­flower (BF) £70.00.

STIR­LING – United Auc­tions on Wed­nes­day June 21 sold 200 store cat­tle and 61 cast cows and for­ward cat­tle. Bul­locks (128) -av­er­aged 239.6p to 280.5ppk for a 328kg CHX from High Mil­ndovan and £1275 for a 494kg LimX from Corse­wall. B&W Bul­locks (33) - av­er­aged 165.68p to 173.9ppk for a 276kg HFX Graystale and £955 for a 555kg BFX from Gate­head. Heifers (39) – av­er­aged 213.1p to 255.6ppk for a 313kg ChX fromMid Craig­ton and £1160 for a 598kg BRBX from Crooked­stone­muir. Cast Cows (52) av­er­aged 150.26p to 179.2ppk for a SimX from For­neth Est and £1550 for an AAX from Mosston­muir. Dairy Cows (9) av­er­aged 111.73p to 130.6ppk for a HFX from Nyadd and £985 for a HFX from Nyadd. Bul­locks: 0-250kgs-Balder­s­bury Hill £600, 243.90p 251-300kgs- Mid Craig­ton £770, 256.70p 301-350kgsHigh Mil­ndovan £920, 280.50p 351- 400kgs- High Mil­ndovan £960, 258.20p 401-450kgs- Laigh­park £1105, 264.40p 451-500kgs- Corse­wall £1275, 261.00p 501-550kgs- Corse­wall £1190, 230.60p 551- 600kgs – Gate­head £955, 172.10p. Heifers: 251-300kgs- Sauchen­side £560, Balder­s­bury Hill 212.60p 301350kg- Laigh­park £850, Mid Craig­ton 255.60p; 351- 400kgs- Gate­side £890, High Mil­ndovan 243.20p 401450kgs- Mid Craig­ton £915, 224.30p 451-500kgs- Crooked­stone­muir £850, 186.40p 501-550kgs- Laigh­park £1150, 221.20p; 551-600kgs- Crooked­stone­muir £1160, 194p. OTM Cows: £ per head- Mosston­muir (AA) £1550; Traprain (Lim) £1450; For­neth Est (Sim) £1430; Glen­head (BRB) £1150; Traprain (BS) £1130; Traprain (SH) £1130. PPK- For­neth Est (Sim) 179.20p; Lower Luthrie (AA) 178.00p; Traprain (Lim) 173.90p; Traprain (BRB) 164.20p; Traprain (BS) 163.80p; Traprain (SH) 161.90p. OTM Bulls: £ per head- Hard­ens (CH) £1670; Ric­car­ton (Sim) £1530; Gate­side (BA) £1150; Bows (BS) £1010. PPK- Ric­car­ton (Sim) 139.10p; Gate­side (BA) 130.70p; Hard­ens (CH) 128.30p; Bows 114.80p.

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