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There was a spir­ited re­sponse of our Face­book page to a ques­tion about gulls and peo­ple who feed them.

Mo­gie Gal­lagher fumed: ‘Peo­ple should be charged for feed­ing the gulls. The gulls be­come con­fi­dent and come and steal from peo­ple’s hands. What hap­pens when they at­tack a child to get the food out of their hands and se­ri­ously in­jure that child. Rats with wings! They are per­fectly able to find food for them­selves with­out peo­ple feed­ing them. It just makes my blood boil.’ Kerry Craw­ford posted: ‘ Well said Mo­gie – they are the NEDS of the bird world and should not be en­cour­aged.’

Laura Máirtín re­called: ‘June 2013, 8 weeks preg­nant & about to faint with hunger, bought a sand­wich and was eat­ing it walk­ing through home­base car park, one bite in and a Seag­ull flew down and grabbed it out of my hand – felt like the thing ac­tu­ally used its wing to knock me on the head as some kind of tac­tic to stun me dur­ing the process!’

Gor­don Cooper posted: ‘My late dad used to feed them fish scraps out in the bun­ga­low scheme in Gana­van, where he lived. A few be­came dozens.... Lots of neigh­bours (rightly) com­plained as the gulls were lin­ing up on their rooftops and cre­at­ing havoc at an early hour! A po­lite visit from a Coun­cil rep­re­sen­ta­tive put a stop to my dad’s pas­time!’ Vin­cent Thomas Muir blasted: ‘ They are ver­min, be­gin­ning, mid­dle and end. Go to the sea­side and you won’t see one be­cause they are all in town scav­eng­ing from hu­mans. Dum­fries is plagued by them and all we hear is that they are pro­tected. Huh!’

Lil­ian Ker­mode wrote: ‘ they are a b----y pest ,they should be culled right back and peo­ple feed­ing them should be spot fined, have seen too many peo­ple ter­rorised by them.’

Deb­o­rah Gray said: A seag­ull snatched my ice- cream out of my hand on the North Pier this af­ter­noon. They would not be so bold if peo­ple didn’t of­fer them food.’

John Muir asked: ‘ Why does Oban not have a gull war­den..theyve plenty traf­fic war­ a gull war­den would do ok for would have its pecks.. em would ar­range flights round the bay..if your do­ing long hours you would get peck­ish..em you could go for a gan­der..em meet­ing lo­cal lassies with hiya hen.’

Sarah Walker said: ‘Hate the things.’

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