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STIR­LING – Cale­do­nian Marts on Thurs­day, June 29 sold 126 cat­tle. With a large ring­side of buy­ers and at­ten­dance, a lot more cat­tle could have been sold to suit their re­quire­ments. Prime bul­locks av­er­aged 223p Prime heifers av­er­aged 236p Young bulls av­er­aged 191p Beef cows av­er­aged 129p Dairy cows av­er­aged 108p Cast bulls av­er­aged 127p Bul­locks sold to 248ppkg twice from J Cald­well & Son, Moor­field, Kil­marnoch pur­chased by WW Wales, Butch­ers, Kil­marnock and to T John­ston, Butcher, Falkirk and to £1680.64 from C Smith, South Flan­ders, Kip­pen. Heifers sold to 255ppkg twice from J& N Kerr Bank head, Aber­dour, and A Pet­ti­grew, Fask­ine, Air­drie, pur­chased by A Gray, Butch­ers, Stir­ling and G Kirk, Stir­ling Road, Denny, and to £1539.12 from MI Wain­wright & Sons, Tod­hall, Cu­par, pur­chased by HA Black& Sons, Butch­ers, La­nark. Young bulls to 255ppkg for a Li­mousin from Kers­beath Farms LTD, Mains of Beath, Cross­gates, pur­chased by Charles Kirk­patrick and to £1615 for D Ral­ston, Cut­tle­hill, Tor­rance. Lead­ing prices. Bul­locks ppkg 245p Balquhar­rage, Dyke (Dun­can), Moor­field 242p and 240p Balquhar­rage 238p Mead­owend (twice) 235p Rathil­let and Easter­ton 230p Moor­field and Rathil­let 228p Rathil­let (twice) Heifers ppkg 250p Hil­ton (twice) 248p Fask­ine 245p Moor­field (twice) and Bankhead (Kerr) 242p Hil­ton and Moor­field 240p Mead­owend and Hil­ton 232p and 230p Mead­owend 228p Easter­ton Bul­locks per head £1626 Moor­field £1607 South Flan­ders £1595 Mead­owend £1575 Mead­owend and Mains of Cult­malundie £1570 Mead­owend £1559 Moor­field £1548 Mains of Cult­malundie £1528 Dykes (Dun­can) £1512 Moor­field £1509 Mead­owend £1507 Mains of Cult­malundie £1494 Rathil­let Heifers per head £1494 and £1413 Moor­field £1403 and £1401 Hil­ton £1397 Bankhead (Kerr) £1391 Moor­field £1377 Tod­hall £1367 Bankhed (Kerr) £1300 Mead­owend £1299 and £1275 Fask­ine Also for­ward were 54 cast cows and bulls. Beef cows av­er­aged 129ppkg sell­ing to 177ppkg for a Li­mousin from JH & NT Turn­bull, Mead­owend, Clack­man­nan, and to £1450 from the same home. Bulls av­er­aged 126ppkg sell­ing to 139ppkg for aC haro la is from J& D Mitchell, Of­fers, Gar­gun­nock, and to £1630 from the same home. Dairy cows av­er­aged 108ppkg sell­ing to 126ppkg from G Mil­lar & Son, Gal­la­muir, Plean, and to £990 from AW& J Broom, So ls girth, Dol­lar. Beef cows per head £1100 Dol­lar­bank £1090 Gal­la­muir £1050 Dol­lar­bank £990 For­rest­mill £920 Cal­len­doune Beef cows ppkg 162.5p Dol­lar­bank 158p For­rest­mill 155p Rathil­let 145p Cal­len­doune Dairy cows per head £950 Wester Lochdrum & Gal­la­muir £940 Gal­la­muir £930 Sols­girth £850 Mel­drum Dairy cows per kilo 123p Gal­la­muir and Sols­girth 121p Knock­raich 120p and 119p Mel­drum Bulls per head £1380 Of­fers £1020 South Quar­ter and Muir­park £1000 Wester Lochdrum Bulls per kilo 130.8p South Quar­ter 128.7p Of­fers 123p Muir­park Also for­ward­ing 16 calves, both dairy and beef. Top price £550 for a 3 months old Sim­men­tal from J Drys­dale, For­rest­mill. Lead­ing prices Bull Beef – Li­mousin X £220 (twice), £210 Bar­beth Dairy bull – Black and whites £170, £100 Bar­beth £30 Plean Ayr­shire bull £45, £30 Baden­heath

STIR­LING – United Auc­tions on Thurs­day June 29 sold 2700 prime sheep in­clud­ing 1693 new sea­son lambs sell­ing to an av­er­age of 212.7ppk and 254 hoggs and 753 ewes and rams. Spring lambs (1693) Faulds (Tex) £129; Wood­head of Aberdal­gie (Suff) £117; Harvies­mail­ing (BTex) £115; Broadleys (BFL) £108; Halk­er­ston (X) £104; Shanry (Char) £100; Hen­der­ston (Mule) £ 87; High Mil­ndovan (Chev/ Mule) £ 87; Lathockar (Chev) £ 80 Spring lambs (1693) Wester Mye (Tex) 266p; Wood­head of Aberdal­gie (Suff) 260p; Shanry (Char) 222p; Glen­head (BTex) 220p; Cat­cune (X) 218p; Lathockar (Chev) 206p; High Mil­ndovan (Chev/ Mule) 202p; High Mil­ndovan (Mule) 201p; Broadleys (BFL) 191p; Hen­der­ston (BF) 185P. Ewes (753)-Kip­pe­r­och (Tex) £110.00; Wood­head of Aberdal­gie (BTex) £100; Ho­prig & Den­side (Suff) £100; Ho­prig (Chev) £95; Den­side (Mule) £90; Lin­field (Zwa) £ 88.00; Lin­field (X) £ 84; Ban­gour (Hamp) £ 80; Aber­cairny (BF) £65. Tups – Cat­cune (Suff) £120.00; Lit­tle Kil­mory (Tex) £90; Merkins (BF) £ 83; Lochdochart (Chev) £77. United Auc­tions’ dis­per­sal sale of Dumyat Fold of pedi­gree high­land cat­tle saw a top of £ 2800 for the ju­nior stock bull Cal­lum 12th of Gold­en­berry, sell­ing to M/s Wood Witches Craig. Top­ping the fe­males at £1600 was the 3 year old heifer Princess Dubh 4th of Dumyat sell­ing to K& E Brown, Craigowmill. High­land cows and High­land calves at foot 21 av­er­aged £907.14 Lot 118 £1300 Carolina 2nd of Dumyat & Bull Calf Lot 119 £1200 Shona 5th of Dumyat & Hfr Calf Lot 109 £1100 Neoirean Og 3rd of Dumyat & Hfr Calf High­land Cows & Sim­men­tal calves at foot 37 av­er­aged £1064.86 Lot 142 £1500 Aoirig Jenna 2nd of Heather­hills, Glen­livet & Hfr Calf Lot 155 £1400 Fiona 2nd of Dumyat & Hfr Calf Lot 158 £1350 Ailsa 3rd of Dumyat & Hfr Calf Lot 160 £1300 Erin of Dumyat & & Bull Calf Lot 151 £1300 Bean Ruadh 2nd of Dumyat & Bull Calf Lot 146 £1300 Princess Dubh 2nd of Dumyat & Bull Calf In calf cows 8 av­er­aged £906.25 Lot 122 £1300 Shona 2nd of Dumyat Lot 125 £1000 Siu­san Ruadh 1st of Dumyat 3 year old heifers 16 av­er­aged £935.62 Lot 177 £1600 Princess Dubh 4th of Dumyat Lot 178 £1150 Caileag Ghrinn 1st of Dumyat Lot 172 £1100 Shona 7th of Dumyat 2 year old heifers 12 av­er­aged £ 635.83 Lot 193 £1000 Carolina 4th of Dumyat Lot 189 £ 850 Princess Dubh 5th of Dumyat Year­ling heifers 18 av­er­aged £ 638.33 Lot 205 £1000 Princess Dubh 6th of Dumyat Lot 214 £ 850 Mourica 2nd of Dumyat Lot 215 £ 850 El­speth 3rd of Dumyat Year­ling bulls Lot 220 £ 800 Lot 224 £ 554 Stock bulls 2 av­er­aged £ 2500 Lot 183 £ 2800 Cal­lum 12th of Gold­en­berry Lot 182 £ 2200 Uil­leam of Bal­moral

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