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There was a fu­ri­ous re­ac­tion to a post on our Face­book page about park­ing me­ters in Oban still not ac­cept­ing the new £1 coins.

Nikki Warham blasted: ‘ I’ve not got a ticket be­cause I was lucky enough there was some­one there I could swap a coin with but it’s ridicu­lous! There’s not enough free park­ing on town never mind the park­ing we have doesn’t take the new coins! In my opin­ion if any­one has re­ceived a ticket it should be scrapped and any money paid should be re­funded! How is it a driv­ers fault that the me­ters don’t take the coins?’

Ruari Arm­strong wrote: ‘ The park­ing sit­u­a­tion in gen­eral is a prob­lem in Oban. Multi storey car parked is the an­swer or do we need to wait an­other 30 years just like the pon­toon. Lo­ca­tion??? Old rock­field school grounds.’

Amira Tre­han posted: ‘It’s a crazy sit­u­a­tion. I had a stock of old pound coins but have used them all my­self and help­ing out other peo­ple. I sup­pose we all have to carry a sack of 50p coins around now. Fix it, or get ma­chines that ac­cept a card pay­ment - but you can’t fine peo­ple in the mean­time.’

Sian Grif­fiths said: ‘It’s not very long ago that some of the ma­chines did not ac­cept the ‘new’ 10p and 5p pieces so I dread to think how long it will be be­fore they up­date for the pound coins. Also park­ing is now so ex­pen­sive that they should have ma­chines that ac­cept card pay­ments. How many peo­ple ac­tu­ally carry £8 of change with them nowa­days?’ Jenny Low ex­plained: ‘I tried to buy a ticket with a new pound coin the other day but the ma­chine wouldn’t

ac­cept it. Luck­ily for me I had enough in 5p’s to pay for a ticket! Not so lucky for who­ever emp­ties the ma­chine. Oh well... Maybe if ev­ery­one does the same they’ll get their fin­ger out and do some­thing about it!’

Ker­ryanne Ram­say of­fered: ‘ There is a park­ing me­ter right out­side my work, and with­out fail at least once a day if not more we have peo­ple in ask­ing us to change pound coin, this is fine if we have them but a lot of the time we don’t. We have also has a lot of tourists and for­eign hol­i­day mak­ers in ask­ing us for di­rec­tions to ma­chines where the new coins are ac­cepted. So not only have strangers to the town, to know to have old coins for the me­ter, but they are to know where to find other ma­chines in streets in a town they’ve most likely never been.’

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