Aus­trian visi­tors claim to have found Nessie in Loch Cr­eran

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A UFO sci­en­tist and three of his friends claim to have found Nessie ... but al­most 100 miles from her usual home.

Wal­traud Kal­iba and part­ner Jür­gen Trieb, along with two doc­tor friends, claim to have seen a ‘strange crea­ture in the wa­ter on July 27, at 7.30 in the morn­ing’.

Set­ting about tak­ing an im­age of the crea­ture, the group man­aged to take two blurry pho­tos be­fore it sub­merged back into the sea. Ms Kal­iba-Trieb, from Knit­telfeld asked The

Oban Times: ‘Is Nessie back? On July 27, at 7.30am, we four Aus­trian tourists made a strange ob­ser­va­tion while walk­ing the shore of Loch Cr­eran.

‘Within a dis­tance of 200 me­ters the head and back of a mys­te­ri­ous crea­ture popped out of the quiet wa­ters sur­round­ing the Isle of Eriska. The crea­ture could be seen by us for ap­prox­i­mately 10 sec­onds and we could shoot two pic­tures of the crea­ture, be­fore it dis­ap­peared again.’

A spokesman for the po­lice said he was not aware of claims.

Wal­traud Kal­iba and part­ner Jür­gen Trieb, in­set, claim to have seen the strange crea­ture in Loch Cr­eran.

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