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There are many peo­ple scep­ti­cal of God, who fool­ishly think that the Lord’s Day, or Sun­day, is not re­ally a very im­por­tant day and can do with it, and ev­ery other day, just as they like.

The story is told of a farmer, a proud athe­ist, who once wrote to the ed­i­tor of a news­pa­per: ‘Sir, I have been try­ing an ex­per­i­ment. I have a field of corn which I ploughed on Sun­day, I planted it on Sun­day, I did the cul­ti­vat­ing on Sun­day, I gath­ered the crop on Sun­day, and on Sun­day I hauled it into my barn. And I find that I have more corn per acre than has been gath­ered by any of my neigh­bours dur­ing this Oc­to­ber.’

The farmer’s sneer was ob­vi­ous. By de­lib­er­ately choos­ing to do all the work con­nected with his corn­field on the Lord’s Day, he had chal­lenged God to ex­press dis­ap­proval by giv­ing him a dis­ap­point­ing re­sult. In­stead, he had reaped an ex­cep­tion­ally good crop.

The ed­i­tor of the news­pa­per drew at­ten­tion to one very im­por­tant over­looked fact in a foot­note: ‘God does not al­ways set­tle His ac­counts in Oc­to­ber.’

No, as the Bi­ble re­minds us, God’s ‘reck­on­ing day’ lies in the fu­ture. The scrip­tures give re­peated tes­ti­mony that a judg­ment day is com­ing when ‘God shall bring ev­ery work into judg­ment, with ev­ery se­cret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil’ (Ec­cle­si­astes 12:14). Ev­ery seem­ing in­jus­tice will then be set right.

How im­por­tant it is to pre­pare for the last ‘set­tling day’ which is fast loom­ing round the cor­ner, that will bring his­tory to a close. God tells us that He ‘hath ap­pointed a day, in the which He will judge the world in right­eous­ness’ (Acts 17:31) He also says: ‘Be ye ready.’ Don­ald J Mor­ri­son,

Old Ed­in­burgh Road, Inverness.

Ailean Caim­beul

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