Drug man is caught with trousers down

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An Oban man has been fined £400 for drugs pos­ses­sion – af­ter be­ing caught es­cap­ing from po­lice with his trousers down.

Craig Duffy, 25, of Room 1, Solas, Al­bany Street, Oban, pleaded not guilty to pos­sess­ing a class C drug, eti­zo­lam, and ob­struct­ing two po­lice of­fi­cers, by run­ning away and dis­card­ing a plas­tic bag of tablets.

Con­sta­bles Paul MacMil­lan and Danny McBeth, while driv­ing in an un­marked po­lice car at the junc­tion of Mill­park Road and Soroba Road on June 30 last year, had ob­served three men ‘known for be­ing in­volved in the lo­cal drugs scene’.

PC Mac­Beth told Oban Sher­iff Court on Mon­day: ‘They were at­tempt­ing to hide but were not do­ing a very good job of it.’

‘The three of them ap­peared to be crouch­ing down,’ DC MacMil­lan said .‘ Craig Duffy had jeans around his knees. He had shorts on. I quickly jumped out and shouted they were be­ing de­tained un­der the Mis­use of Drugs Act. I saw Craig Duffy had a blue car­rier bag.’

Two of the men then ran off in op­po­site di­rec­tions, while one froze with his hands up, DC MacMil­lan ex­plained, adding: ‘Craig Duffy started pulling up his jeans and sprinted across the road. Traf­fic had to stop.’

He said Duffy then flung the blue bag into the bushes. He added: ‘I could see what looked like hun­dreds of white tablets go­ing into the hedge.

‘I quickly grabbed him. As we were walk­ing back to the po­lice ve­hi­cle his jeans were com­ing down. There was a plas­tic bag at­tached by a lace chord to his shorts. It was white tablets.’

Procu­ra­tor fis­cal Eoin McGinty said 180 white tablets were found in the un­der­growth, and a fur­ther 10 in the bag tied to his shorts.

Sum­ming up, Mr McGinty said: ‘Th­ese are peo­ple who are known to be drug users in Oban, in a hud­dle, and one with his trousers down.

‘They are look­ing round furtively. Two of them ran off in op­po­site di­rec­tions.

‘The ac­cused threw away a bag of 180 tablets. He had 10 more at­tached by a chord to his shorts. It is eti­zo­lam.’

De­fend­ing Duffy, solic­i­tor Ea­monn McGeehan said: ‘They were plain clothes of­fi­cers.

‘They at no point iden­ti­fied them­selves as po­lice of­fi­cers as they are obliged to do.’

How­ever, Sher­iff John Her­ald ruled: ‘I have ab­so­lutely no doubt what­so­ever: guilty.’

The court heard Duffy was in cus­tody and in­dicted for a trial in Dum­bar­ton.

Sher­iff Her­ald fined Duffy £400.

Craig Duffy was fined £400 af­ter be­ing found guilty.

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