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The walk leader is to be con­tacted be­fore­hand for meet-up and start times. Car shar­ing usu­ally pos­si­ble and peo­ple can try be­fore they buy. Fur­ther in­for­ma­tion at www.lochaberand­lorn-ram­ Lochaber and Lorn Ram­blers Group can be con­tacted by email on info@lochaberand­lorn-ram­

Satur­day November 10: Calder Bridge to Kin­gussie, New­ton­more

A walk on the south­ern bor­der of the Mon­a­li­adh Moun­tains con­nect­ing the vil­lages of New­ton­more and Kin­gussie. It passes through a land strewn with the re­mains of set­tle­ments rang­ing from pre­his­toric, medieval and post-medieval pe­ri­ods. Good views across up­per Strath­spey.

Start from the ceme­tery 300m N of Calder Bridge off the A86 just W of New­ton­more at NN705989. Park­ing is avail­able. At the N cor­ner of the ceme­tery find the nar­row path at the river­side and fol­low it E along the bound­ary of a small conifer plan­ta­tion to a junc­tion. Fol­low a wider path NE to the mi­nor pub­lic road at NN708992. Cross the road and take the track N, which con­tin­ues as a path to reach the Allt na Fei­the Buidhe.

Fol­low the path and the burn to the pre­his­toric hut cir­cles on its W side. The largest, cen­tral one of three on a N-S line may be found at NH706017. Op­po­site, on the E side of the burn are the re­mains of post-medieval shiel­ings con­sist­ing of the foot­ings of at least 19 huts at NH707016.

From just S of the shiel­ings fol­low the track SE for 1km, where it turns S. Leave the track, head­ing E across two burns us­ing stepping stones and a foot­bridge re­spec­tively, to reach a foot­path fol­low­ing the S bound­ary of a conifer plan­ta­tion. Con­tinue E to the town­ship, where the path bi­fur­cates at the foot of the W slope of the small hill Creag Bheag. This place, at NH735013 was called Auch­tuchle. The re­mains of at least 12 build­ings, some en­clo­sures and a kiln-barn lie un­der the grass and heather.

Take the right fork and fol­low the path E to the sum­mit of Creag Bheag, 487m. Turn NNE and fol­low the path down the spine of the hill to a junc­tion near the foot of Loch Gy­nack. Turn E and fol­low it for 400m to the town­ship of To­man an t-Seo­mair at NH753023. This set­tle­ment, date of de­pop­u­la­tion un­known, has been par­tially de­stroyed by ex­ten­sions to the golf course. It con­tains the foun­da­tions of more than a dozen build­ings, two of them re-roofed and re-used by the golf club.

Con­tinue on the path E to cross the Gy­nack Burn on the foot­bridge at NH755022 and reach the met­alled track. Turn S and fol­low it for 1km to Strath­lynn, re-cross the burn and fol­low the road S to the CP at the pub­lic con­ve­niences.

Grade: L; dis­tance: 10km; height to climb: 287m; map(s): LR35, EX402. Meet at Spean Bridge WM at 9am, for start of walk at 10am. Leader: Rick Atkin­son 07587 549731.

Thurs­day November 15: Ard­nas­tang by Mid­dleshop Lead­mines to Ari­un­dle

A walk in the lead min­ing area fa­mous for the dis­cov­ery of the mineral Stron­tian­ite in 1790, from which the metal Stron­tium was first iso­lated.

Start from the ho­tel at NM800615, where park­ing is avail­able. Take the mi­nor road, which soon be­comes a foot­path, NE to a junc­tion at NM813633. Fork left and fol­low the path NW to its high­est point at NM797652, alt 393m. Leave the path and head NE across rough un­du­lat­ing ter­rain to reach the lochan at NM808657, then N to reach the sum­mit of Meall Iain, 502m. De­scend the E ridge to the wa­ter­shed and join the path at its head at NM818661. Take the path E, past dis­used mine shafts, whence it im­proves to a track. Fur­ther E is a more re­cent quarry and more dis­used mi­ne­shafts. Con­tinue E to reach the pub­lic road at the foot of a steep hill. Cross the road and fol­low a short track to see more old shafts and mine work­ings. Re­turn to the road and fol­low it S to Ari­un­dle vis­i­tor cen­tre.

Grade: M; dis­tance: 13km; height to climb: 520m; map(s): LR40, EX390/391. Meet at Cor­ran Ferry slip for 9.15am sail­ing, for start of walk: 10am. Leader: Gerry Gil­bert 07765 830203.


Full walk de­tails at­vis hill­walk­ing. club. If any­one would like to go out on the walk please con­tact club sec­re­tary Suzanne Theobald on 01397 701783 or email en­quiries@nevishill­walk­

Sun­day November 11:

Sron a’ Choire Ghairbh, Loch Lochy

Park at Lag­gan Locks. Cross the Lag­gan Locks and fol­low the forestry track SW to Kil­finnan.

Af­ter cross­ing the Kil­finnan Burn turn W at NN276957 to start climb­ing to­wards the east ridge. When the climb be­comes less steep turn WSW at NN265959. Head SW along the ridge over Meall nan Dearcag (689m) and Sean Mheall (887m) pass­ing close to the lochan at NN252946. From Sean Mheall con­tinue WSW along the wide ridge bear­ing NW at NN226944 to­wards the sum­mit of Sron a Choire Ghairbh (937m). From the sum­mit, head NNW fol­low­ing the curve of the ridge to­wards Meall a Choire Gh­lais (900m). Turn E at NN217954 to leave the ridge and de­scend down the Coire Glas to­wards Loch a Choire Gh­lais. Fol­low the Allt a Choire Gh­lais NE keeping to the north side and pass­ing above Kil­finnan Falls be­fore turn­ing SE to de­scend steeply to re­join the forestry road NE of Kil­finnan and head back to Lag­gan Locks. Al­ter­na­tively, from the sum­mit of Sron a Choire Ghairbh fol­low the south-east ridge of Sron a Choire Ghairbh and de­scend to the stalk­ers’ path at NN224940 to join the Cam Bhealach and forestry road along Loch Lochy back to Lag­gan locks. (16km, 950m as­cent). Sug­gested by Kate Willis; co­or­di­nated by Kate Willis.

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