A dat­ing site for toffs? They’re wel­come to each other

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Thrillingly, there’s a new dat­ing app, Tof­fee Dat­ing, re­stricted to posh peo­ple. Thank God for that, went up the cry; how else are the rest of us guar­an­teed to avoid them?

It is only open to peo­ple who went to pri­vate school, who can drone on con­vinc­ingly about Hen­ley, polo, rugby and the like. I’m a comp kid and there­fore dead com­mon, but, ever the so­cial climber, I had a furtive peek at some of the pics of the Tof­fee totty, just to see what the likes of me are miss­ing. Oh dear. Granted, there are some gor­geous-look­ing peo­ple, but the gen­eral ef­fect was of a Burberry ad, where the shoot had to be aban­doned be­cause every­body looked so smug that the pho­tog­ra­pher needed to stop to be vi­o­lently sick. So, ba­si­cally, like all Burberry ads.

Tof­fee seems to be aim­ing for the niche dat­ing mar­ket, also fea­tur­ing the likes of Beau­ti­fulPeo­ple.com, which fa­mously only al­lows in the phys­i­cally gor­geous, pre­sum­ably of­fer­ing a “paint­ing in the at­tic” clause for mem­bers who have de­cided never to age, get sick or suf­fer any­thing else that might re­sult in an un­sightly blem­ish.

While other dat­ing sites and apps cater to dif­fer­ent in­ter­ests, and even kinks, Tof­fee and its ilk seem to be about one thing and one thing only – cut­ting out the riff-raff. A form of low-grade dat­ing eu­gen­ics, if you will. All of which seems rather tragic, when peo­ple should be en­cour­aged to mix it up as much as pos­si­ble

– not only for the sake of the gene pool, but also their own san­ity. The irony is that once some­one goes down this self-se­lect­ing route, they al­most au­to­mat­i­cally be­come the kind of per­son that no­body sane would touch with a very long barge­pole or, in­deed, an oar, even one that had sliced through the rar­efied wa­ters at Hen­ley.

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