Sin­gu­lar in­ter­est

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SIR: As a school­boy, some 81 years ago, I learned that Res Publica was one word, with each part de­clined sep­a­rately. Ac­cord­ing to Kennedy’s Latin Primer, re­spub­lica (sin­gu­lar) meant pub­lic in­ter­est; and re­spub­li­cae (plu­ral) meant pub­lic af­fairs. Th­ese were etched in my mem­ory as the cor­rect form, to­gether with the en­gag­ing gen­i­tive plu­ral, re­rumpub­li­carum. Brian Ben­nett, Sal­is­bury, Wilt­shire.

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