Armed of­fi­cers or­der neigh­bours to evac­u­ate homes

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long as I can re­mem­ber. I’ve heard that in the last few months they’ve been fos­ter­ing refugee chil­dren.”

Mo­j­gan Ja­mali said: “I was in my house with my chil­dren and there was a knock at the door from the po­lice.

“They told me to leave. They said, ‘You have one minute to get out of the house and get away.’ I just got out, I got my three chil­dren and we left the house and the street. We didn’t know what was go­ing on.”

Ron and Penny, who have six chil­dren of their own, were last night be­lieved to be stay­ing with one of them.

Penny, a school gov­er­nor, jokes that their £340,000 prop­erty in the sub­ur­ban street is a “mad house”. She has pre­vi­ously told how at least eight foster chil­dren have been refugees.

In an in­ter­view to pro­mote foster car­ing in Sur­rey, the cou­ple said: “We’ve had a real mix of chil­dren from Iraq, Eritrea, Syria, Al­ba­nia and Afghanistan.

“One boy… his mum was im­pris­oned be­cause of her be­liefs. He left in Oc­to­ber 2014… he walked un­til he got on to a boat, man­aged to get in a lorry trav­el­ling through Calais. He was 15.”

Mean­while it was re­vealed that ter­ror cells are send­ing en­crypted mes­sages urg­ing lone-wolf jihadists to carry out at­tacks us­ing armed drones. Isis fa­nat­ics used the se­cre­tive mes­sag­ing site Tele­gram to urge ter­ror­ists to mount atroc­i­ties in the UK. They even warned an at­tack in London was im­mi­nent.

That came 36 hours be­fore the Par­sons Green bucket bomb.

A draw­ing of Par­lia­ment’s Big Ben tower with sniper’s crosshairs was dis­trib­uted with the words: “London, this is just the be­gin­ning.”

The UK has not pressed for war crimes charges against any of the 400 Bri­tish Is­lamic State fight­ers who have re­turned from Syria and Iraq.

But just 11 days ago the Coun­cil of Europe’s le­gal af­fairs com­mit­tee con­firmed that mem­ber­ship of Is­lamic State is enough for pros­e­cu­tion at the Hague’s In­ter­na­tional Crim­i­nal Court.

Labour shadow min­is­ter Liam Byrne said: “We know Bri­tish cit­i­zens were sol­diers and com­man­ders in Daesh’s army of evil.

“Yet not a sin­gle sol­dier cap­tured on their re­turn to Bri­tain has been charged with ei­ther war crimes or geno­cide.”

Brexit Min­is­ter David Davis will to­mor­row of­fer EU chief ne­go­ti­a­tior Michel Barnier a new se­cu­rity treaty to catch ter­ror­ists and in­ter­na­tional crim­i­nals af­ter Bri­tain leaves.

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