Beat­ing those au­tumn blues

The People - - LIFESTYLE - By An­to­nia Paget

WITH the days get­ting shorter and colder it is easy to slip into a slump in the au­tumn.

There’s an al­most over­whelm­ing temp­ta­tion to stay in­side, put your feet up and com­fort eat.

But this lack of ac­tiv­ity may not be good for you and could in­crease the risk of sea­sonal de­pres­sion, par­tic­u­larly af­ter all that lively fun in the sum­mer sun.

Doc­tors have no­ticed a num­ber of sea­sonal prob­lems in pa­tients at the start of au­tumn.

These in­clude low phys­i­cal and men­tal en­ergy as well as dry skin and hair.

They also see bloat­ing, of­ten linked to overeat­ing in sum­mer, and a lack in es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents af­ter ex­ces­sive sweat­ing.

Fa­tigue and stress also weaken the im­mune sys­tem mak­ing peo­ple more sus­cep­ti­ble to coughs and colds.

GP Dr Dawn Harper and nutri­tion­ist An­gelique Pana­gos have some tips on how to im­prove your health this au­tumn.

Dr Dawn says: “I prob­a­bly don’t do a surgery where I don’t treat some­one that’s Tatt – tired all the time.”

She says the right nu­tri­ents, such as vi­ta­min C for im­mu­nity, helps to ward off and re­duce the du­ra­tion of ill­nesses.

Here are Dr Dawn’s top tips. Lis­ten to your body – If you feel you’re push­ing your­self too far, you prob­a­bly are. Stress and lack of sleep are key trig­gers for most au­tum­nal health com­plaints. Sea­sonal diet – As the weather gets colder avoid the temp­ta­tion to adopt an un­healthy diet. Get a rest­ful night’s sleep where pos­si­ble. Try and eat leafy greens, pro­tein and nu­tri­ent rich veg such as but­ter­nut squash. Sea­sonal sup­ple­men­ta­tion – I’d also rec­om­mend sup­ple­ment­ing your diet in line with the sea­sons. It can be dif­fi­cult to get all our es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents from diet alone, vi­ta­min B6, zinc, fen­nel and Siberian gin­seng are some key to help­ing our health flow through au­tumn.

She adds: “Many of us up­date our wardrobe in au­tumn but how many of us think about our health in the new sea­son?

“In the last year I have started to eat sea­son­ally and take par­tic­u­lar sup­ple­ments to pre­pare my body.”

Here is An­gelique’s ad­vice. Dry, Hair, Skin, Nails – Load up on greens to en­sure you get enough zinc and mag­ne­sium and en­joy sea­sonal foods l ike sea­sonal turkey, beef, pota­toes, lamb to get your B vi­ta­mins Im­mu­nity – Fo­cus on foods rich in vi­ta­mins C, A, E and zinc to pro­tect against cold and flu. Kale is high in iron, vi­ta­min C, A, K and fi­bre. But­ter­nut squash is good for vit C and beta-carotene. Both go well with sal­ads, roasts, stews and stir fries. Onions, gar­lic and gin­ger boost im­mu­nity. Fa­tigue – En­joy more mag­ne­sium in dark leafy greens, nuts, av­o­cado, whole grains and dark choco­late as re­search shows it can counter sea­sonal de­pres­sion and fa­tigue Di­ges­tion – Fen­nel can calm the guts if you feel bloated and gassy as can mint and lemon balm. Rose­mary, gar­lic, leeks, onions and Jerusalem ar­ti­choke act as pre­bi­otics and help feed your good bac­te­ria.

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