Na­ture Watch Isaw

The People's Friend Special - - UPBEAT STORY -

a wildlife-watch­ing film that left me in no doubt That it would be ex­cit­ing and I’d have to try it out. I sorted through my jack­ets and my anoraks with hoods, To give my­self some cam­ou­flage, and headed for the woods. I tram­pled through the wood­land with my ruck­sack on my back And made straight for the bird-hide at the bot­tom of the track. With field-guide and binoc­u­lars I set­tled in the hide, A flask of tea and sand­wiches of Mar­mite at my side. I sat and stared till all my tea and sand­wiches were gone; My tally for the birds I saw was ab­so­lutely none! A sud­den move­ment in a tree was like a squir­rel’s tail; I peered through my binoc­u­lars, but all to no avail. I think the birds were hid­ing just to make me look a fool. I went to try my luck and see the fish down at the pool. I saw some big, con­cen­tric rings right where a fish had been, But he was much too quick and dived be­fore he could be seen. Those rip­ples on the wa­ter and that move­ment in the trees Show clearly that things are about, but dis­ap­pear with ease. A rus­tle in the un­der­growth; some drop­pings on the ground; The signs are here a-plenty but there’s noth­ing to be found. The skill with which they hide away is quite be­yond be­lief; I sense that there’s a pair of eyes be­hind each drip­ping leaf. I find that watch­ing wildlife isn’t all it’s meant to be; I came to watch the wildlife, but the wildlife’s watch­ing me!

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