The People's Friend Special - - LIGHT-HEARTED STORY -

you see me when I’m swim­ming Let sa­fari rules ap­ply: Please ob­serve me from a dis­tance, Don’t dis­turb with wave or cry.

With my glasses in my locker And the an­gle of the light I wouldn’t know my clos­est friend And so I may be im­po­lite.

I’m li­able to star­tle wildly, Veer­ing then from lane to lane, Caus­ing splash­ing and con­fu­sion And pos­si­bly a bit of pain.

If you re­ally want to see me, Then please wait un­til I’m dry, Clad and wear­ing var­i­fo­cals – Stan­dard so­cial rules ap­ply.

– Kate Saxon.

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