Olly The Oc­to­pus

Make a lit­tle one happy with this fun toy.

The People's Friend Special - - CRAFT -

You Will Need

Note: the fab­rics used for the body and legs were all taken from a jelly roll.

For the body:

10 strips of fab­ric each mea­sur­ing 6.5 cm x 27 cm (2½ ins x 10½ ins)

For the legs:

8 strips of fab­ric each mea­sur­ing 6.5 cm x 42 cm (2½ ins x 16½ ins)

Two squares of wad­ding each mea­sur­ing 27 cm (10½ ins)


Two squares of suit­able fab­ric each mea­sur­ing 27 cm (10½ ins)

White felt:

two pieces each mea­sur­ing 6.5 cm x 7.5 cm (2½ ins x 3 ins)

Black felt:

two pieces each mea­sur­ing 4 cm x 4 cm (1½ ins x 1½ ins)

Ma­chine quilt­ing thread or cot­ton perlé to hand quilt

Black and white cot­ton em­broi­dery threads

Polyester toy stuff­ing



Sewing ma­chine

505 Spray Baste or safety pins

Fab­ric scis­sors

Hera marker or chalk Sewing nee­dle

Size: 58.5 cm x 25.5 cm (23 ins x 10 ins)

Im­por­tant Note

When writ­ing to us you must en­close an SAE if you would like a re­ply.


1 Stitch five strips to­gether for the front and re­peat for the back of the body. Press the seams open.

2 Layer each with wad­ding and lin­ing, with the patch­work on top, right side up. Lightly baste to­gether with 505 spray baste or safety pins. Us­ing the seams as your guide, with a wavy em­broi­dery stitch se­lected from the sewing ma­chine, quilt both body pieces. Al­ter­na­tively, you can quilt by hand us­ing cot­ton perlé and big-stitch quilt­ing.

3 Us­ing the tem­plate, cut out the eyes from the white and black felt.

4 Cre­ate a cir­cle tem­plate with a di­am­e­ter of 24 cm (9½ins). On the front piece, draw around the cir­cle tem­plate with a Hera marker or chalk, and use this shape as a guide to place the felt eyes. This will leave a non-per­ma­nent mark for your guid­ance and will not mat­ter if it does not line up per­fectly when you stitch the front and back to­gether. Stitch the black felt pupils to the white eyes, then sew on to the body with a run­ning stitch.

5 To make the legs, fold each strip right sides to­gether along the length and, start­ing with se­cur­ing stitches, sew along one side and across the bot­tom. Se­cure to fin­ish and trim away the ex­cess fab­ric at the cor­ners. Us­ing a chop­stick or sim­i­lar, turn right side out and press flat. Now tie a knot to­wards the bot­tom of the leg (see pho­to­graph). Make eight.

6 Po­si­tion the legs at the base of the front of the oc­to­pus, over­lap­ping them to fit if you do not want them too spread out. Pin them so that the legs will be in­side the cir­cle when you stitch the front and back to­gether, leav­ing about 1 cm (½ in) for a seam al­lowance. Stay stitch or tack in place. On the back of the oc­to­pus, on the lin­ing, draw around the cir­cle for the body.

7 Place the back of the oc­to­pus right sides fac­ing on to the front and pin around the cir­cle. Be­gin­ning and end­ing to one side of the body, sew around the cir­cle, leav­ing a small gap to turn right side out.

8 Trim the ex­cess fab­ric away from the cir­cle, leav­ing a 5 mm (¼ in) seam al­lowance. Snip the seam al­lowance to make the cir­cle smoother when turned through.

9 Turn right side out and stuff with the polyester stuff­ing. Slip stitch the open­ing closed.

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