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n The dumpy light­house above Cro­marty’s har­bour was built by Alan Steven­son in 1846 and now serves as a Field Sta­tion for Aberdeen Univer­sity ma­rine re­search.

n As you walk along the Paye you are ac­tu­ally tread­ing in the foot­steps of Robert the Bruce and James IV. Like count­less oth­ers, they were fol­low­ing the pop­u­lar pil­grim­age route to the shrine of St Duthac in Tain.

n Dur­ing the war, when the Firth was used by Naval ships, a heavy un­der­wa­ter steel net was pulled across the milewide by 150-feet-deep pas­sage to pre­vent the en­try of en­emy sub­marines. Win­ston Churchill him­self vis­ited the South Su­tor in 1914.

n Like the vil­lage of Find­horn across the Mo­ray Firth, the sea has swal­lowed Old Cro­marty. Rather wor­ry­ing for those in the present town, Thomas the Rhymer once proph­e­sised that Cro­marty would be twice de­stroyed by the sea!

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