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The People's Friend - - Helping Others 45 -

Flyer’s special friend is Woody. The two share a field and sev­en­teen-year-old Woody, al­though one of the old­est of the Cotswold ponies, likes to run rings around Flyer.

“Woody still be­haves like a young colt,” Debbie says. “And he loves to pose for pic­tures, too!”

Flyer and Woody have known each other for two years and tend to stick to­gether. They can of­ten be found graz­ing hap­pily next to one an­other, or scratch­ing each other’s necks in a horsey show of af­fec­tion.

Woody is pop­u­lar with the rid­ers and vol­un­teers, too, be­cause he is well-be­haved and friendly.

“I trust him com­pletely,” Debbie says. “He’s also re­ally chatty. He whin­nies at me when I see him in the morn­ing and al­ways seems to have plenty to say.”

Woody’s ready for his close-up!

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