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You might be able to ease a win­ter cold with a dash of horse­rad­ish. This pun­gent root veg­etable con­tains a volatile oil called sin­i­grin, which is a nat­u­ral an­tibi­otic that’s espe­cially pow­er­ful when it comes to con­quer­ing res­pi­ra­tory prob­lems. So don’t just keep it for your roast beef!

In­stead, add a lit­tle horse­rad­ish to your dips or mashed pota­toes for a nat­u­ral way to clear con­ges­tion, thin mu­cus, fight bac­te­ria and viruses, re­duce in­flam­ma­tion and stim­u­late the im­mune sys­tem.

It is also rich in a num­ber of essen­tial min­er­als and nu­tri­ents that are ex­tremely ben­e­fi­cial for our body, such as vi­ta­min C, fo­late, potas­sium, cal­cium, mag­ne­sium, zinc and man­ganese.

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