Cold Facts

The People's Friend - - Short Story By Elizabeth Mckay -

If you’ve ever won­dered why two mem­bers of the same fam­ily can re­act com­pletely dif­fer­ently to the same cold virus, you might blame the bugs that live in our noses.

A new US study has found the or­gan­isms that live hap­pily in­side our nos­trils play a part in help­ing to de­ter­mine the type and sever­ity of the cold symp­toms you de­velop when ex­posed to the virus.

The re­searchers found that if your nose is home to slightly more bugs from a strain of bac­te­ria called sta­phy­lo­coc­cus, you are more likely to suf­fer se­vere nasal symp­toms (bunged up and sneezy), but a higher pop­u­la­tion of a bac­te­rial strain called moraxella should mean you es­cape the worst of the symp­toms and re­cover more quickly.

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